Sunday, May 27, 2012


No. Not yet.

Still considering coming back on a more full time basis. Most of my baseball card time, probably one hour per week, is spent sorting, cataloging, purging, coming up with smaller collections to pursue, devising ways to release unwanted cards into the collector-verse, etc. I want to dive into a few of these pursuits and maybe get some feedback from you:

Sorting: My collection has lots of facets. One of every HOFer, One of every Met, All-Time Teams, Tito Fuentes, Eric Davis, NC Sate Alumni, A&G 1-350, Any Mini 1-350, My Diamond Mind Baseball Sim Team, General. That last category consists of lots of cards of great players, good players, and cards that I just like. When I get new cards, I usually check to see if they fill a void in a specific collection OR check to see if the card is an upgrade over an existing card. If not, it goes into the General collection OR to the Get Rid of Pile (Which is quite a bit larger than a pile.)

Cataloging: I try to add and subtract cards from my Zistle account as they come and go.

Purging: Each time I go through my general collection, I purge a few more cards. Slowly my Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey Jr collections have shrunk form 10 pages in a binder to about 5 each. There is always room for less!

Coming up with Smaller Collections to Pursue: Here are my newest ideas:
1. Cards through the years: 8 cool cards per year on a page (I would display the year in the middle pocket). I would always choose a Topps base card. I would choose a variety of other cards, brands and inserts. Some because they are great players (Pujols), some because they are cool photos (Clemens at Green Monster), some because they are crazy (Oscar Gamble), etc. I would choose these from my general collection, therefore having less need for a general category.
2. Highlights: Another way to reduce the need for the general collection. Cal Ripken would go in for his consecutive games streak. Dennis Martinez for his perfect game. Schilling for the bloody sock. Maz and Thomson for their big HRs. Even Herb Washington would go in for never batting.

Ways to Release Cards into the Collector-Verse: I am currently making blog posts of all my cards I would like to trade, by year and set name. I still need more time to complete these pages. Does anyone out there actually look at such pages or would you rather just be sent a stack of cards. Let me know.

On a card-related note. I am actually excited about 2012 Panini Triple Play. Anybody with me?