Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overdue New Stuff Part 3, Still Need a New Couch

The insurance paid to have the couch cleaned, but my wife has issues with things that have been wet. Could there be mold INSIDE the sofa? Maybe! She never liked it that much anyway. Here are the last of the new additions during the great Toilet flood of 2009:

Thanks to Brock or my first Zistle trade. I sent him a load of Mets and he sent 11 cards, all of which I needed for my 1-of-Every-Met collection.
Fun variety of cards! Brock's favorite is the Siebert. I have to believe it is because his jersey says JUICE! The Figueroa was most interesting because he was drafted by the Mets in 1995, was traded around the league, and then finally made his Met debut in 2008.

The final card he sent was this:
I am no LoDuca fan, but I LOVE Turkey Red. This Refractor Auto looks great. It replaces an A&G base card in my Mets collection. Truly GREAT trade for ME!

Thanks to Chris of 1980 Topps Cards for filing some HOF needs:

The HOFers that I am missing are tough to find, so 11 in one shot is awesome. The Rube Foster is my favorite. Plenty more 1998 Donruss for Chris and anyone else who needs some.

Thanks to Bo for the Stack-o-Mets. They are filed away already. Sorry! I know that you sent a Roy Lee Jackson and a John Pacella in Mets attire that replaced two cards sans Mets gear.

Thanks to Kevin of Orioles Card of the Day for this Mickey Weston card:
When I purged cards about 2 years ago, I had this card. I wasn't collecting 1 of every Met and honestly don't remember Mickey ever playing for the Metropolitans.

Since the house is back in order, regular posting should return. We'll see!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Overdue New Stuff Part 2, New Floors & New Paint

The house is almost back to normal after 4 weeks of toilet flooding craziness. Here are a few new additions to the collection:

Thanks to Pack Addict for a few A&G upgrades and this Don Drysdale:Two fun facts about Drysdale:
1. Played High School baseball with Robert Redford
2. Herbie, the love bug, was given the number 53 because of Drysdale.

Check out my A&G want list and my HOF want list.

Thanks to Ian aka Ernest of Canada for some O-Pee-Chee coolness and 1/24 of an A&G box. After 23 years, this gum has grown attached to Mr.October, LITERALLY! (dayf, I have a special one of these coming your way soon!)Thanks to the Tim of Great Sports Name Hall of Fame for this shiny memory of some brighter Mets days:
I haven't blooged once about the Mets this season. It has been too painful. Here is a To-Do list for the Mets for next year:
1. Get Healthy.
2. Stay Healty.
3. Help Santana with AT LEAST one pitcher.
4. Insure that Frenchy is NOT the best player on the active roster.
5. Fire everybody, including the Wilpons.
6. Change the dimensions of Citifield.
7. Play better.

More to come!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Overdue New Stuff Part 1, Drywall is Up

Thanks to all the well-wishers. The drywall is up and the new molding is in place. Paint is next! My wife and I have spent TOO much time in the one room of our house not affected by the toilet flood waters.

Thanks to Brian of the still, yet to be posted on, Play at the Plate blog. I sent him some junk and he sent me some 2008 Goudey set needs and a few Mets. These 2 were especially interesting:

2002 Fleer Authentix, with the accent on TIX Mark Corey
2002 Topps Finest Refractor Edgardo AlfonzoThe Alfonzo Finest card is gaudy and great. The Corey card seems to contain a tiny fake ticket. Game torn tickets would be cool. I'm sure this card will replace whatever pedestrian card now sits in my 1-of-every-Met binders.

Thanks to Canuck for also taking my junk and sending me Mets. There was a shiny Phil Humber:
This card forces me to ask: What happened to Humber? Since getting dealt to Minnesota in the Johan deal, Phil continues to underwhelm in AAA. The shininess of this BASE card is overwhelming, thus making this card completely "whelming"??????

Carl Crawford Cards sent 2 Mike Hampton autos from 1996 Leaf. ON CARD! And I won a card in Virgil Trucks-Fest.
I now have an extra Hampton auto for trade. And the Trucks card will join a few 1955 Bowman in my collection of slightly too large cards.

Kerry, aka Madding, sent my first game-used David Wright card for a few Cards Cards. And another thing: IT'S PANTS!!!
More to come. I miss my sofa, and my kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.