Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1981 Fleer Team by Team Tribute: Expos

Since I am in a hotel, NOT being paid for by my insurance company, I decided to check out my draft folder from quite a while ago (Oct 2008). I never finished my 1981 Fleer Team by Team tribute. Apparently, it's Expos time!

Rowland Office!
Rowland has a few things going for him.

1. Sweet Name: Rowland Johnie Office. Even his middle name is cool.

There is a Brave-centric blog, Rowland's Office. Clever use of a good name, but much too Brave-ish for my delicate Met sensibilities. book

2. Afrotasticness: I am pretty sure that is a word.

His Expo hat may be hiding a giant bald spot between two Afro-Puffs.
Rowland has a full-size Afro, part of which fits neatly under said Expo hat.
Either way, any Afro is alright in my .

3. Style: XL wrist bands & jacket

His nylon jacket could mean he just finished the day shift at Leon's Barber Shop or he is about to bowl a few frames at the Montreal Bowl-A-Rama. The wrist bands say he is a sweaty man's man!

The Expos finished 1 lousy game behind the World Champion Phillies in the NL East. Oh well, the Expos are now the Nats and until they put a decent team on the field, no one will care.

If you like this one, more 1981 Fleer posts can be found here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tiny Good News & HUGE Bad News

Good News
I will be in DC watching the Brewers play the Nationals on Sunday! Its our Annual baseball trip. Last year was a 2-day, 3-game NY baseball extravaganza. This year is a day trip to the brand new Nationals park and my first Brew Crew game.

Bad News
Water poured from one of my upstairs toilets for 8+ hours on Thursday. Most of my house needs replacing. The drying machinery is working overtime right now. If only the insurance adjuster would call me. The baseball game will keep my mind off it for a day. Oh yea, my new 8th grade students show up on Tuesday whether I'm ready or not!

Since this is a baseball card site, I will tell you that no cards were flooded. I wish that made me feel better about it all. Needless to say, trades are on hold and posting will be uninspired at best.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks Night Owl, 25 Years, and Play at the Plate

Lame trades are rolling in:

Thanks to Night Owl for these 2 Jose Reyes cards. 2005 Turkey Red is great and a little hard to come by. I requested these in hopes that Reyes would get well soon. Can you remember when a club has had more stars get injured in the same season?Thanks to 25 Years of Baseball for this fancy Nick Evans card. I didn't have an Evans card in my 1-of-every Met collection. This is my first redemption card. I have an Andrew Bailey coming to me this year. This was 25 year's first blog trade. Go trade with him.
Thanks to Play at the Plate (Brian hasn't jumped head first into blogging yet, but he will!) for this haul of cool Mets. The Tom Seaver is awesome. Mo Vaughn's jersey is questionably Metty. And that Timo Rated Rookie is UGLY! Brian and I have another trade in the works. Cards will be mailed on Friday.
The lame hits for lame hits trading party is coming to a close. Still plenty of cards to be had. I might write about something interesting soon. Maybe BEST CENTER FIELDER EVER?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lamest Hits

I almost forgot about these 2 forgettable cards that you know you want.

Ryne Sandberg - 1988 Topps Beckett Graded 9
This card came with a Beckett Baseball Almanac. It is one of those GIANT books that lists every card ever. This gem of a card is off-center and might have a corner that is not too crisp. But it says 9 and I'm stickin' to it.

Mark Wilson - 2009 Bowman Scout Autograph
From a retail pack. Wilson helped the Twins sign Joe Mauer. It is a must have for all Mark Wilson collectors and a sorta have for Joe Mauer fans.

Plenty of cards left in the last 7 posts.

Monday, August 17, 2009

True Confessions of a Collector

I thought I would share a few shameful tidbits about myself as a collector:

1. I am a Mets fan. (NO, THAT"S NOT THE SHAMEFUL PART!) As a Mets fan, I hate the Atlanta Braves. And I am beginning to hate the Phillies just as much. Here is where it gets shameful. Mets fan, Braves hater, thus I must also hate Chipper Jones, who ruled Shea more than any hitter. I have 52 different Chipper Jones cards.
WHY? I have always been a "general collector". I love baseball and have always used my card collection to chronicle the MLB. Chipper is a great playerand I like having great player's cards. Now, I don't go out of my way to get more Chippers but I have only recently considered trading some of them for cards of players I like more. Larry isn't the only player I could have used as an example. The same is true for any superstar for the past 20 years.

2. I have thrown away thousands of cards. I admitted this long ago and was quickly told to send them to collectors across the nation. Since the initial tossing, I have sent around 20 thousand cards to new and loving homes. I think I have made up for my transgressions for this one.WHY? I had too many cards. I had every set from 1986 to 1991. EVERY SET! I never looked at them. There were boxes and boxes of cards I didn't need or like. My card collection gets better and better as it gets smaller and smaller. I still have too many cards. Now I usually make myself get rid of a card before I allow a new card into my collection. No, I am not throwing the excess away. They will be sent out to collectors when I recover from the shipping cost of my last giveaway.

3. Here is the big one that may get me shunned from the blogging community. I sort my cards based on Beckett book value. Some cards are in individual, hard, plastics holders, others are in binders, some in penny sleeves, and others in the raw. I have never made a trade based on it, nor do I believe that it means anything but its a way to interact with my collection like I did when I was a kid.WHY? As I said before, I have always been a general collector. I have always had my favorites but I used to want to collect EVERY card. You have to sort them in some way. Now that my collection is getting more refined, I may stop this practice. But I might not. Why should you care that the B-WORD gets a little of my money every once in while?

There you have it. True confessions. Come get some Lame Hits. The last 7 posts are filled with them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lame Hits: Other

Plenty of Lame Hits in the previous 6 posts are available. Please come and get 'em. Here are a few that can not be categorixed to one team:Ramirez/Nathan/Lidge/Pujols - 2009 Goudey 4-in-1 BLUE
Blaster. Not sure what the connection between these 4 players could be. The Blue versions look quite nice. Manny & Puols are the obvious headliners.

Gibson/Peavy/Beckett/Lincecum - 2009 Goudey 4-in-1 BLUE
Blaster. 1 HOFer and 3 could-be HOFers. Beckett and Peavy have surprisingly similar careers.

Longoria/Ramirez/Bruce/Soto - 2009 Goudey 4-in-1
Blaster. Nice card of 4 rookies from last year. Shouldn't Votto have been here instead of Bruce? Longoria is for real. Soto has not come anywhere close to repeating his breakout 08 year.

Frenchy/Ankiel/Markakis/Ichiro - 2009 Goudey 4-in-1
Blaster. Rightfielders. Frenchy is now in NY, Ankiel used to pitch wildly, Markakis is underrated and stuck in Baltimore, and Ichiro is a singles-hitting machine.

Michael Aubrey - 2002 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future USA Watch (0957/1999)
Group Break. Another Aubrey. You could be well on your way to being a Michael super-collector!

No offers have yet to be refused. I have more Goudey 4-in-1 cards if you need them.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lame Hits: AL East Edition

Almost done. NL West, Central, and East & AL West and Central are still wanting better homes.

Here are some AL East:
Dinardo/Martinez/Gamble Red Sox Trio Prospects - 2005 Fleer Tradition
Repack pack. Dinardo is in AAA w/ Royals, Martinez is out of baseball, and Gamble is in AAA w/ Braves

Kevin Millar - 2005 Topps Cracker Jack Bat
Repack pack. Cool looking card. Millar works the MLB network during the offseason. He is 37 and will probably be an analyst full time next year.

Josh Phelps - 2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Hat (115/125)
???. That's right, Game-used HAT! Pretty good player for parts of about six years. Played in 2 rookie league games this year at age 30.

Tony Clark - 2003 Topps Tools of the Trade Bat
???. Wax Heaven highlighted the ups and downs of Clark's career not too long ago. 250 career HR. Six really good seasons out of 15 total.

JD Drew - 2007 Topps Turkey Red Refractor (308/999)
Hobby Box. Love Turkey Red, do not love JD Drew. Ever since he refused to sign and sat out a year, he has been in my doghouse. I am not a fan despite its shiny Turkey Redness.

Lame "Other" cards NEXT!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lame Hits: AL Central Edition

NL West, Central, and East still available.
Also AL West.

Here are a few AL Middlemen:Joe Randa - 2005 Topps Rookie Cup BLUE (39/50)
Cheap pack from Target. Underrated set from 2005. Randa was a decent player for 12 seasons.

Juan Gonzalez - 2002 Donruss Originals Gamers Jersey (442/500)
Repack box from long ago. Juan Gone was really good. He won 2 MVP awards. .295 avg with 434 HR. Maybe I should keep this one!

Justin Thompson - 1998 Pacific Invincible Platinum Blue
From ???. Interesting design from Pacific. The portrait is on thin plastic and light can show through it. Traded in a deal involving Juan Gonzalez. Pitched 4 good years then was stuck in the minors for the next 6. Made a brief appearance in Texas in 2005.

Andrew Miller - 2007 Topps Turkey Red Jersey
Hobby Box. Have I mentioned that I love Turkey Red. Mario has got this one so I'm looking for another Miller fan. He's only 24 but he is a UNC grad so that drops him a few notches on my collectibilty list.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lame Hits: AL West Edition

NL Lame hits can be found here: West, Central, East.

Here are some AL Westerners:Ben Grieve - 1998 Pinnacle Plus Artist Proof
From a repack pack long ago. It's super shiny! Grieve was above-average for most of his 9-yr career. 1998 was his best year. He was an all-star and ROY.

Chuck Finley - 2000 MLB Showdown Foil
From a repack pack long ago. 200 wins and 2610 Ks. Good pitcher! OK card game.

Send those lame offers by comment or email. More to come!

My Lame Hits, etc for Your Lame Hits, etc: NL East Edition

There are still NL West and NL Central lame hits available! I have yet to turn down an offer!

The NL East is the divisional home of my NY Mets. I can only offer up these non-Met cards, as Mets cards cannot be lame.Bernie Castro - 2007 Topps Heritage SP
From a retail pack. Castro may be out of baseball. He was released by the Yankees lasy year. Anybody still working on this set?

Danny Sandoval - 2006 Topps 52 SP
From a retail pack. Hitting .238 at AA Tulsa.

Tim Hudson - 2005 Upper Deck Game Jersey
From a retail pack. This is maybe the best of the bunch. Hudson has been a good pitcher for 10 years. 146-77 career record! Oakland traded him for 3 prospects who netted the A's nothing, but he is making about 12 million more than they could have paid him this year.

Mike Lansing - 1993 Topps Stadium Club 1st Day Issue
From a repack box. Be in awe of the fancy, shiny box in the upper left-hand corner. AND its a Mike Lansing RC. What more do you want?

Send in your offers, no matter how lame. I haven't forgotten about all you AL fans out there. There are plenty of lame cards for all of you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Lame Hits, etc for Your Lame Hits, etc: NL Central Edition

In case you missed it, NL West Lame Hits can be found here. They are going fast!

More lame hits, etc. This time from the middle NL!Brandon Philips - 2008 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor
From a Blaster. These look great. The bright blue pops in chromatic refractorology! Phillips is a solid MLBer who had an outstanding 2007.

Hernan Iribarren - 2008 Upper Deck Timelines RC Auto
From a Hobby Box. Timelines is a lot of fun to open. Lots of Longoria RCs and different UD flavors. Iribarren is currently 2 for 6 with the big league club.

Jose Guillen - 1999 Paramount Platinum Blue
From a pack. The Platinum Blue makes this one a must have for all Jose Guillen Super Collectors.

Send offers by way of email or comment. Any offer will be considered.

NL East is next!

My Lame Hits, etc for Your Lame Hits, etc: NL West Edition

Patricia offered up some "clunkers" over at Dinged Corners. The thing about her clunkers is that I wanted many of them. They weren't that clunky. I have a few lame cards that might make others as happy as Rey Ordonez pants make me. (That last sentence could be taken out of context!)

Here are some NL Westerners you may want. I'll trade my junk for your junk.
Clayton Tanner - 2008 Bowman Signs of the Futures Auto
From a retail pack from Target. Tanner is 21, currently in A-ball. I have seen him on a Giants top-ten prospects list. The Giants seem to know how to grow arms as of late.

Ray Durham - 2008 Upper Deck Jersey
From blaster - Guaranteed Relic. Nice long career for this journeyman.

Adrian Beltre - 2008 Spectrum Retrospectrum Swatches
From blaster - Guaranteed Relic. Commemorates his awesome 2004 season - 48 HR, .344 avg. It netted him a sweet contract from the M's.

Jason Jennings - 2002 Donruss Originals Gamers Jersey (072/500)
From a repack pack probably 5 yrs ago. This may have been the first jersey card I ever saw. After wining the ROY in 2002. he struggled as a starter. Good year so far in 2009 as a middle reliever.

Mets are the obvious choice for trades but I am open to anything. Use comments or email for offers.

More to Come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tito Fuentes (1974)


It's the card I (and possibly the Dean Family) have been waiting for. I'll save my commentary until after you are awed by the first, but not the last, headband of Tito Fuentes!After 8 years in the league, Tito is finally coming into his own. He is willing to step out from the pack and show some of his personal style.

Possible reasons for the headband:
1. Tito's hat often pops off due to his blinding speed and large afro hairstyle.
2. Men just don't have enough accessories. The ladies have purses, jewelry, shoes, etc and no team would allow cuff links on uniforms, except maybe the Chicago White Sox. (They will wear anything!)
3. Fuentes sweats a LOT, through a headband, his hat, and then his hat's headband.
4. He is cool and isn't interested in explaining it to losers like you and me.

Stats on the Back!New stuff we learn from the flip side of Tito 1974:
1. Midwest League All-Star and Decatur's MVP in 1963. (This tidbit is only 10 years late.)
2. Dominican records for hits (5) and doubles (3) in a game in 1967. (Slightly less late.)
3. Yet another solid effort at the plate in 1973.
4. High School letter in Boxing. (Another sign of his toughness.)
5. This isn't new but I keep forgetting to add it. Tito Fuentes signs his name Titofuentes. One word, no space, no capital F. How's that for style?

With the 1974 Topps card, I hope you can begin to see why I am a Tito Fuentes Super Fan!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thanks to Collective Troll and Fuji

More packages for me!

I share a name with Collective Troll, sorta. I'm Mark and he's Marck. (Blogger is currently telling me that he spells his name wrong but I can't hold that against him.) I sent him a handful of Rays cards and he sent me this:
AWESOME! Tommy Agee signed 8x10, personalized to me (or at least to someone with my name and NOT Marck's)! Agee is looking especially tough. I appreciate that he writes AG on his spikes so that you know they are Agee's.

I also got a package from Fuji, with whom I also happen to share a name. (Blogger is OK with his spelling!) He claims his return package was less than the one I sent. Ridiculous! I sent a big box of A's mediocrity and he sent me cool Mets including these particularly shiny/autography ones:I think my Mets autograph collection just doubled! These 4 all go into my One-of-Every-Met binders as serious upgrades.

Collecting is fun. Thanks guys!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks to Tribe Cards, Dinged Corners, & Night Owl

After sending out about 60 packages in my Giveaway #2, it was nice to have my mailbox filled with a few of my own.

Tribe Cards, master of the giveaway, sent me some Mets cards. the highlights included a Jeremy Burnitz game-used and a Mark Dewey card featuring him in a Mets uni. Both found their way into my One-of-Every-Met collection. (Burnitz was a great upgrade and Dewey is now out of his Pirate uniform)
Dinged Corners was trading clunkers. (I have a similar post planned that will out-clunk her star cards any day) She sent me a sweet Strawberry and a stack of other Mets. PLUS a James Shields Jersey. (Shields has been a member of my Diamond Mind simlation league team for several years. - And yes, I have a binder for that.)
Night Owl also sent me a stack of Mets, many of them shiny! This David Wright has one of those fancy numbers on the back (192/250) This Niece card looks really Nice (Upper Deck has not gotten enough credit for this set).
More thank yous to come!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tito Fuentes (1973)

In 1973, Tito Fuentes cards begin to get EPIC. '73 is famous for it's fake poses and super-wide angle action shots that feature 3 to 5 players, anyone of whom could be the player whose name appears on the card. Here is the front of card #236:

That's Tito, number 23, with his knee in in that poor guy's chest. He stole a career-high 16 bases in 1972. With this kind of intimidation, he probably could have stolen a lot more.


Here's the new stuff we learned about Tito Fuentes:
1. Fans holler "Go-Go" when Tito reaches base. (I didn't think anybody hollered in San Francisco. I thought it was just a southern thing.)
2. Another solid season for the 2nd baseman: .264 avg, 7 HR, 53 rbi
3. The full name is back after a 2 year hiatus, Rigoberto (Peat) Fuentes!

1974 is not too far away and it's a killer!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

BEST: Left Field

Left Field is a strong position in the best ever debate. The top 3 are baseball immortals as are many who didn't make the cut. Here's my list:

3. Stan Musial "The Man", 3 MVPs, 14 top-tens, 20 straight All-Star teams, 159 OPS+, 3630 hits, 7 batting titles, 3 World Series rings (missed 1945 season becuase of WWII) These next 2 guys must be pretty great to pass Musial.

2. Barry Bonds 7 MVPs, 13 top-teams, 8 Gold Gloves, 182 OPS+, 762 HRs - Best All-Time, 2558 BB - Best All-Time, even has 514 SBs, had a .609 OBP in 1999. (missed most of 2005, but he's no war hero!) Not sure if he'll ever be an HOFer, but he earned it even before his hat size grew.

1. Ted Williams "The Splendid Splinter", 2 MVPs, 12 top-tens, 17 All-Star teams, 191 OPS+, 521 HRs, 6 batting titles, .482 career OBP - Best All-Time. 2 Triple Crowns (missed 1943, 1944, AND 1945 seasons) I thought Bonds would go here, but the three years Williams missed in his PRIME push him over the top.

Others who were considered:

Yaz - 1 MVP, 129 OPS+, 6 Gold Gloves, 18 All-Star Games, Triple Crown

Willie Stargell - 1 MVP, 147 OPS+

Joe Jackson - .356 Avg, .423 OBP, 170 OPS+

Rickey Henderson - 3055 hits, 2295 Runs (Best All-Time), 1406 SB (Best All-Time), 127 OPS+, Best Lead-Off Hitter ever!

Monte Irvin - Hard to say, didn't get his shot in MLB until he was 30

Tim Raines - underrated because of playing with Rickey

Manny Ramirez - 8 straight top-tens in MVP voting, 500+ HR, will get to 3000 hits, 155 OPS+

Current players who have a chance to make the list:

Ryan Braun - now that he has a position (his tenure at 3rd base was awful), Braun has had an excellent first three years of a career, will hit 30+ HR in his first 3 years, 142 OPS+, ROY, 2 All-Star teams, some MVP-voting love. Time will tell.

Those of you jonesing for some Tito. TOMORROW!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Stole an Idea from Dayf

Dayf is collecting a 2006-Present Allen & Ginter Master minis set. Not every mini from every year, just one of each number 1-350. As yet another way to reduce the number of cards I keep, I decided to do something similar. The only difference I will collect a set, 1-350, of any type of card: mostly base, throw in a few minis, maybe a black border, A&G back, or even a few of those 09 code cards.

I gathered every A& G card I still own and started filling up pages. Some cards made the cut because they are of young stars who could be great, despite how bad the card looks:Others because they look AWESOME. This Ian Snell rivals the 2008 Russell Martin card in pure cardboard goodness:Still others make the set because I do not have a better card for that particular number. Suez Canal beat out Ubaldo, Klesko, 2 Cantu, and that Horse and Rider for my set's worst card:
So you probably want to know how you can help? Check out my newest want list!
I'll work on getting an A&G for trade list soon.

The cool thing about this set is that it could change next year when A&G Part 5 comes out. Maybe David Wright gets a really lame numbered card and can replace Phil Coke.

Let me know if anyone is interested in 9-page views with commentary on my choices.
Yea, probably not!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Score Magic Motion: Anyone?

Score debuted 1988 with a set with 100% action shots. What a great idea! They also inserted into packs and factory sets these Magic Motion cards:
The magic motion part on the front is pretty much useless but the back contains trivia, highlights, and baseball history.

1988: Do You Remember? (Canuck beat ya to it, aye?)
1989: A Year to Remember (sold to wickedortega for $0)
1990: The MVPs (Chris D'Orso now owns these)
1991: World Series Trivia

All sets claimed!