Monday, March 29, 2010

Trade Post: Volume A & B

Baseball cards and caring for an infant DO NOT go hand in hand. Thanks to all who helped with Parker's birth year set. Only 11 cards away from series 1. Due to the daddying. I may just buy series 2 & 3. For shame!!!

Here's the first of a series of trade posts. I will be trading a few decent cards and small lots of specific players, a few letters at a time. I shall start at the beginning: A & B

Rules of trading:
1. feel free to send as many cards off of my want list as you would like
2. send 1 card. That's right, 1 card only! It doesn't have to be a super refracting auto bit, but it could be. Send 1 card that you think I might enjoy. It doesn't have to be a Met, but it could be. 1 card! It doesn't have to be a 1988 donruss Tim Teufel, but it could be. (On second thought, don't send me a 1988 Donruss Tim Teufel)

Claim your cards in the comments section. Send me an email address if it is not easily obtainable from your profile or website.

2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Travis Buck
- Travis is a happy dude as he is smiling in all his 2007 cards. This one is not numbered but sure is blue and shiny!

1987 Donruss Barry Bonds
- claimed by The Diamond King
- Yea, he did steroids, but he was great even before. I'm just sayin'.

1971 Topps Matty Alou - claimed by jacobmrley
- One of three brothers to play in the MLB. Moises' uncle is #720, making it a little harder to come by than most.

These lots have no duplicates and no hidden gems. There are some cool oddballs in most lots.Roberto Alomar - 14 cards
Jeff Bagwell
- 49 claimed by jacobmrley
Harold Baines
- 19
Albert Belle - 43 - claimed by the Moose
Carlos Beltran - 11 claimed by jacobmrley
Lance Berkman - 11
Craig Biggio - 31 - claimed by The Brooklyn Met
Bert Blyleven - 40
Wade Boggs - 24 -claimed by BA Benny
Barry Bonds - 44 - claimed by The Diamond King
George Brett - 34 - claimed by The Diamond King
Jay Buhner - 11

Let me know what I can send you. I will be happy to add cards of your favorite team to your package. No need to tell me what you will send. You are welcome to wait until you receive the cards. Happy trading.