Friday, June 18, 2010

Trade Post: Volume S-Z+

At the end of the alphabet! Stake your claims.1998 Pacific Invincible BLUE #34 Justin Thompson -CLAIMED
- a must have for any self-respecting Justin Thompson super-collector.

2005 Topps Turkey Red BLACK #7 Shannon Stewart
- LOVE Turkey Red. Send me some 2005/2006 base cards off of my list.

1987 Sportflics #158 Hot Rookie Prospects asadoor/candaele/SEItzer/PALMEIRO/pyznarski/cochrane - 1.5 hot prospects ain't bad.

2008 UD Baseball Heroes CHARCOAL? #199 Griffey Jr/Clemente/V.Guerrero/ DiMaggio CLAIMED
- the card back says "A Quartet of Dazzling Outfield Defenders." I agree.

2008 UD Baseball Heroes CHARCOAL? #179 Reyes/Jeter CLAIMED
- not sure if Jose belongs on the Cap'n's card just yet.

2005 Fleer Tradition #313 Astros Prospects T.Buchholz/Gimenez/W.Tavaras CLAIMED
- Hector's 0-2 MLB career makes him the wash of the group.

2005 Fleer Tradition #305 Red Sox Prospects DiNardo/A.Martinez/J.Gamble
- Gamble is now in Gwinnett, trying to be a Brave

1971 Topps #722 Astros Team Card SP CLAIMED
- yet another high number from the early 70's.

1971 Topps #462 Senators Team Card CLAIMED
- Frank Howard was the only thing good about this version of the Senators.

The stacks:Smith, Ozzie - (31 cards) WIZARD! CLAIMED
Smoltz, John - (23 cards) NOT in the 2010 US Open
Sosa, Sammy - (37 cards) slammin' HR, roids, and skin issues?
Strawberry, Darryl - (19 cards) not as good as Homer Simpson CLAIMED
Sutter, Bruce - (10 cards) bearded fireman
Sutton, Don - (25 cards) stat compiling HOFer CLAIMED
Thomas, Frank - (50 cards) BIG HURT! CLAIMED
Thome, Jim - (15 cards) still playin'
Trammell, Alan - (15 cards) 1 of Magnum PI's faves
Valenzuela, Fernando - (10 cards) the MANIA began in 1980
Van Slyke, Andy - (13 cards) very good player
Vizquel, Omar - (12 cards) possible HOFer?
Walker, Larry - (43 cards) did Coors Field make him great?
Williams, Bernie - (17 cards) classical guitarist & Yankee legend CLAIMED
Williams, Matt - (32 cards) remember his HRs in the strike year?
Winfield, Dave - (31 cards) his bat always looked like a twig CLAIMED
Wood, Kerry - (13 cards) what could have been
Yount, Robin - (19 cards) classy Brewer great

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trade Post: Volume P - S

Yet another trade post. Cards from last post are packaged and will be mailed this week. There are a few nice cards here:
1980 Topps #206 Strikeout Leaders Richard/Ryan
-JR Richard was bad man!
2006 Topps Rookie of the Week #17 Mike Schmidt
-not sure what I think of these multiplayer Rookies blown up CLAIMED
2006 Topps 52 #285 Danny Sandoval SP
2005 Topps Rookie Cup Blue #99 Joe Randa #39/50
-eh again CLAIMED
1985 Fleer #286 Kirby Puckett
-this one is a bit tattered CLAIMED
1985 Donruss #438 Kirby Puckett
-this one is tattered too but not as tattered as the Fleer. CLAIMED
2008 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor #72 Brandon Phillips
-super shiny!
1987 Donruss #43 Rafael Palmeiro
- my favorite junk wax set.
2010 Topps Heritage #446 Freddy Sanchez SP-didn't play his first full season until he was 27. Won a batting title at 29. CLAIMED

On to the STACKS!Rafael Palmeiro (19 cards) - he DID NOT take steroids...except he did.
Andy Pettitte (13 cards) - he DID take steroids. CLAIMED
Kirby Puckett (76 cards) - cool new Kirby statue at Target Field. CLAIMED
Tim Raines (24 cards) - should be a HOFer.
Aramis Ramirez (17 cards) - with that name, he should be a Musketeer.
Manny Ramirez (35 cards) - 14th all-time on HR list. steroids? CLAIMED
Jose Reyes (13 cards) - once called the most exciting player in baseball CLAIMED
Cal Ripken (60 cards) - the original Iron Man 2. CLAIMED
Alex Rodriguez (17 cards) - i'm getting tired of typing "steroids". CLAIMED
Ivan Rodriguez (28 cards) - Pudge 2.
Scott Rolen (16 cards) - good player, getting old. CLAIMED
Pete Rose (19 cards) - the gambler 2, after kenny rogers.
Nolan Ryan (29 cards) - no hit king. CLAIMED
Tim Salmon (18 cards) - often the best player on bad angels teams.
Ryne Sandberg (45 cards) - Ryno. CLAIMED
Johan Santana (13 cards) - i need him to win the CY as a Met.
Curt Schilling (16 cards) - bloody sock.
Mike Schmidt (23 cards) - isn't in trouble when his middle name, Jack, is used. CLAIMED
Tom Seaver (14 cards) - best Met. CLAIMED
Richie Sexson (15 cards) - ???
Gary Sheffield (25 cards) - the cream.
Alfonso Soriano (17 cards) - not a lead-off hitter

You guys are forgetting to follow my rules of trading, so I won't even bother posting them.