Monday, September 5, 2011

My Collection III: One of Every Met

Here's part three of the increasingly unpopular and slow to be posted survey of my collection. Here is a few pages from my 1-of-Every-Met collection.

Page 1:
Several thoughts on the first page:
1. Yes, Richie Ashburn played for the Mets
2. 40-120, yet lovable.
3. Two Autographs, neither obtained by me.
4. Bottom middle = 1991 Mets Wiz card. A great set for us Met completionist types.

Here is the 1969 Met newbies (cards are sorted by first year of Met servitude).

1969 Mets thoughts:
1. Only 9 new face in 1969. Consistency means better results. Same held true in 1986.
2. 3 of 9 new Mets not in Mets uniforms. I would rather have all my Mets look like Mets but I take what I can get.
3. Rick Folkers (from the 1970 section) is missing. I started (and haven't gotten back to in months) creating stat backs for each players Mets years. Stats included are basic and include how the player came to be a Met. (Yes, I need a Rick Folkers card.)

One last page:
1. I have yet to really go after these early team cards. This page is missing 1963, 1964, 1965, 1971, and 1972. (No team cards in 1962 or 1969)
2. This part of the collection has random other Met cards like playoff, mascots, stickers, etc.

My Met want list is updated except for this and last year's new crop of Metropolitans.