Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Actual Stats on the Back: 1987 Fleer

1987 Fleer #25 Mookie Wilson

What's this stat back all about?

Bomb Pop?

Apparently,the last Thursday in June is National Bomb Pop Day. I assume you are NOT allowed to celebrate this cherished event on airplanes or on a tour of the White House!

It's close but not quite right. I'd rather have an ice cream sandwich!


Love the Globetrotters. The bucket of confetti never gets old. They were on Gilligan's Island!

Did you know Fergie Jenkins played with the Globetrotters in the offeason?
Fleer definitely stole the color scheme from the Globetrotters, not the Bomb Pop. Now what about those fancy boxes at the bottom of the card. Looks familiar.

Heat Maps?

Oh yea! Fleer was so ahead of it's time. ESPN's Mark Simon may be obsessed with these. If you like them or just want to be reminded about how bad the Mets hit, then be sure to follow him on twitter @msimonespn.

What? No tidbits this year, Fleer? If you feel that you must have some Mookie bits, try his autobiography. You can buy it here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I NEED That Rod Carew Puzzle!!!!

So, what do you do when your mother gives you a ton of junk wax that she found at a yard sale?

You play a ridiculous game involving mustaches and action shots with your buddies of course. But the real question is what do you do next? 
One of the 2 boxes contained over 100 1991 Studio packs. I have had the set in the past but got rid of most of it a few years back. It's one of the better ideas from the overproduction era. The cards look and feel great and the personal info on the back is fantastic. But I don't need them.

I DO however need a Rod Carew Puzzle by Dick Perez!
After opening 60 packs, I got NO puzzle yet. There are 21 unique puzzle cards. I have 20 which is good for about 95%.

At 60 packs and 10 cards per pack, I have a mountain, errrrr MOUNTAINS of 1991 Studio cards. 600 cards! Did I at least get one complete card set, which I do not want?


I have 236/260 cards. 89.7% complete. I'm going to keep opening until I complete the Rod Carew puzzle. I'll share some packs in the next few posts.

I'll also share some Studio cards if you let me know where to send them!