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Monday, August 11, 2008

1985 Donruss Tribute: Double the Hats

I remember in little league when their were only one or two good helmets from the big green army bag of equipment. The rest were too big, too small, or had no padding, therefore hurt to wear. The "too big" problem was easy to remedy. Just wear your cap under the helmet. Perfect fit!

Major leaguers each have their own helmet. It should fit sans cap. Here is Al Oliver sporting the double hat look for the Phils:

And here's Harold Baines with the same double hattage that I used when I was in little league.
Its a shame these too really good players couldn't get one of the good helmets from the bag. Schmidt and Fisk were the stars of their teams. Maybe they always got the good helmets.
Oliver only spent half of 1984 wearing the bergandy pin stripes. He was involved in lots of trades, including a crazy 4-team trade in 1977. (the trade involved shuld-be HOFer Bert Blyleven and the New York Mets. Check it out here.) Oliver was a 7-time all-star and received MVP votes 10 different years. His best year came in 1982 with the Montreal Expos. He won a World Series with the 1971 Pirates. Nickname: Scoop!
Harold Baines, along with Oliver, belongs in the Hall of Very Good (Sorry Steve!). He played and produced for 22 seasons. He routinely hit over 20 HRs and batted over .290. He finished his career with 384 Hrs and 2866 hits. His hometown celebrates Harold Baines Day every January 9.

Two nice players and one cool memory of Little League!

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