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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tito Fuentes (1966)

At long last, I thought I would share some TITO!

I am now a true Tito Fuentes super-collector. I check ebay at least twice a week to see if any cool Tito paraphernalia is for sale. I got the RC quite a while back.
Tito is featured with catcher Bob Barton. Fuentes is still very young and isn't ready to show off the flair that later characterizes his cardboardian images.
Here's what we find out about the mysterious young Tito Fuentes from his STATS-ON-THE-BACK!
1. Middle-Infielder. SS-2B
2. Considerable Pop. 20 homers in Tacoma last year (1965).
3. Future Legend. It does say Rookie Star. 302 average last year? Ok, maybe decent prospect.

Come back for some '67 vintage Tito!

1 comment:

Dubbs said...

I saw "Tito Fuentes" and immediately thought "Tito Puente". And when I had thought that, I thought about the movie "Stripes".

Now I have to watch that movie after the Brewers play the Fish tonight. Thanks for the movie idea!