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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ultimate Night Card???

Hey Night Owl, is this the ultimate night card?It looks like they put the card number on the MOON.

I am pretty sure Buice was part owner of Upper Deck back when they started. I vaguely remember seeing Upper Deck samples of Buice and other Angels at a card show in 1989. I assume this shot came from a promotional photo shoot before the initial Upper Deck release.

Buice pitched for 3 seasons. His best was easily his rookie year when he saved 17 games.
The design of 1989 Upper Deck holds up well even today. The same cannot be said for Buice's polyester uni or his crazy stache.


night owl said...

Yeah, that must be a promo photo. It doesn't look like a night shot.

chris said...

The name DeWayne means "dark, black". A perfect choice for a night card.

Anonymous said...

I think Wally Joyner was the other promo card they made.

Whatever happened to Wally???