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Monday, May 26, 2008

1976 Topps Tribute: Cubs Hats

The last time I spoke of these 2 Cubbies, they were neckless and on a team card. I used to always have an official fitted baseball hat. I had a great Mets hat that vanished after leaving it at a batting cage while on vacation at Boardwalk and Baseball in Florida. I never owned another one after that. Check out these two official hats:

Mike Garman was not a Cub in 1975. He was Cardinal. St.Louis traded him and a player to be named to the Cubs for Don Kessinger. The trade came after the season so Topps ordered their staff of artist to "fix" this one. They gave him a blue warm-up jacket and a teeny, tiny Cubs hat. Was the hat so tiny before or was there even a hat there at all?

Reuschel has on the earless batting helmet, ala John Olerud. Could batters wear the earless variety in 1975? Willie McGee used to wear a helmet with two ears. He was a switch hitter but all it did was accentuate his small, rat-like head. Rick was a terrible batter, regardless of his helmet of choice.

Rick was pretty solid for 19 seasons. He won 214 games. I remember him as a Giant in the late 90's. His nickname was "Big Daddy" because he was a large dude. Mike Garman had an unremarkable career. His tiny hat on this 1976 Topps card may be the highlight.

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Mr. Schwartz said...

Suggestion. Scan the backs of the cards also, a lot of us enjoy the information and stuff from the back of the cards.

Keep up the good work.

MMayes said...

Yes, guys could use the earless helmets in the 70's. Haven't seen them until lately with the base coaches bringing them back