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Saturday, May 24, 2008

1976 Topps Tribute: Glasses

I have worn glasses since I was two. I can't begin to count how many times they have been broken. I remember getting them busted playing Senior Babe Ruth League baseball. The infield was as hard as a rock and bad hops were more common than not. I caught one in the face and the glasses were done for. I have never had a pair of those sports goggles. I was like Kurt Rambis, when he wore his horn-rims on the court.

My glasses weren't cool but their coolness rates somewhere between Cookie's and Roy's:

Rojas had the sweet name but he had his granny's specs. Maybe he broke his good pair and these were his spare. You gotta hate wearing the spare on Picture Day!

Roy Howell, on the other hand, had it all: the chops, the chin dimple, and those amber shades. He could not be any cooler.

Rojas was a 5-time All-Star and received MVP votes in 3 different years despite being a below-average player for most of his career. His one All-Star hit was a 2-run home run. He managed the Angels for all of 1988 and the Marlins for 1 game in 1996. Cookie was suspended for 5 games while coaching the Mets when he shoved an umpire, arguing over a foul ball. I wonder if Rojas would be in favor of Instant Replay.

Roy Howell was not the fan-favorite that Cookie was, despite the cool glasses. He did make one All-Star team, represented a truly horrible Toronto Blue Jays team in 1978. They lost 102 games that year.

Next Up: More Cubs, this time they have necks but are wearing silly hats.


Jay Young said...

I think that Owen Wilson should play Roy when "Stats on the Back" is eventually made into a movie.

mmosley said...

Mitch Albom was going to write it but it would have been too emotional.

ccmo said...

Your glasses were never this bad. The first glasses you ever had were taken back because they were about as bad as Rojas'. I couldn't take it. That was emotional! By the way, you crack me up with your comments about glasses and hats.

mmosley said...

Hey ccmo! Are you my mom?

ccmo said...

The one and only!!!