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Friday, May 16, 2008

1976 Topps Tribute: Neckless Cubbies

The Cubs team cards throughout the 70's were never like the other team cards. Most teams dutifully stood in rows while the cameraman stood a mile away to get the shot. You could never tell who players were, unless their names were Prince Fielder or Randy Johnson. (Insert your vegetarian or beanpole joke here - i just wrote mine in case you missed it) The Cubbies bucked this trend by getting head shots, having the Topps artists paint off their necks, and sprinkling them in rows on the card. Needless to say, Cubs team cards rule:

The 1975 Cubs were lead by Bill Madlock and Rick Reuschel. They were coming off a few moderately good seasons in the early 70's and were entering into some lean years. They were bad until 1984 and then they were bad some more. Don Zimmer managed them to a division title in 1989 after which they returned to bad.

They have won the weak NL Central 2 years in a row and look good again this year. Now if Pinella would just let Marmol be the closer, my fantasy team would be in better shape.

I just noticed Bill and Rick on the left side of the bottom row. And Rick Monday is 3rd in the 3rd row. They all seem happy to be Neckless Cubs.

Next Up in the Tribute: Will Ferrell???

1 comment:

Bay Rat North West said...

I never understood this card. The team owner could not part with a group shot?
It just looks out of place. But not bad. For a "cough, cough" cubs "cough" team.