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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting Back to the Basics

I still have a few more packages to send out in the big Save the Cards giveaway. Sorry for the delay. And when that's done, I'll let everyone know what's left. It's been tons of fun. I tried to include lots of cards that were not headed for the dump so that the packages would be a little better. I know Mike Scott is happy. He apologizes for that cranberry sauce comment earlier.

But before all this card shipping, this blog was a simpler blog. I trot out some random card from my collection, make a mildly amusing comment or two, then share some knowledge about the player on the card. With this post, Stats on the Back reclaims it's roots.

1997 Collector's Choice Kevin Mitchell
I don't have many serial numbered cards and this isn't one of them. But it sure looks like one. 653/863!!!!! It seems as though the industrial, British (steering wheel on right side) golf cart is the thing that is serial numbered. 863 is a big number for cards these days. What about for these carts? Is there a golf cart super-collector out there who has the prototype signed by the designer and the guy who screwed in the last lug nut. Clearly this cart is game-used.

That part above was the mildly amusing part if you didn't notice. (which is likely) Now for the informative part:Kevin Mitchell was originally a third baseman for the Mets. He was traded for Kevin McReynolds and got huge, both physically and statistically. He won an MVP with Giants in 1989 (47 HR, 125 RBI, and a 192 OPS+).

Stories that may or may not be true about Kevin Mitchell:
  1. allegedly fought with fellow rookie Darryl Strawberry during a pick-up basketball game in 1982 shortly after both were drafted and signed by the New York Mets
  2. during an argument with his then live-in girlfriend, Mitchell decapitated her cat
  3. when asked why he never wore a cup, Mitchell responded, "I couldn’t find one big enough for my junk
  4. as manager of the Sonoma County Crushers in 2000, he was suspended for nine games after punching the opposing team's owner in the mouth during a brawl
  5. once strained a muscle while vomiting
  6. broke a tooth eating a frozen chocolate donut that he had put in the microwave too long and had hardened
What I am sure about Mitchell is that he was really good for 10 years and that bare-handed catch in left field was awesome! I would go so far as to say "David Wright bare-handed catch" awesome!

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night owl said...

That golf cart would never fly in these collecting days. It's not 1/1 and it's not made of silk.

I'm pretty sure you made up half those Kevin Mitchell stories.