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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog Bat Around II: The Ones I Love the Most

Stats on the Back presents:

Blog Bat Around II: The Ones I Love the Most

1987 Topps Pat SheridanI carried this card around in my wallet for probably 10 years. My buddy, Justin, claims to still have his on his person every day. You see, we were members of the Pat Sheridan fan club. Membership activities included sending Pat birthday cards and carrying a Sheridan card in our wallets. Pat Sheridan was a journeyman, regular guy who batted around .250, with no elite skills. Why wouldn't you love this card. This one is worth no more than a nickel, but the one that lived in my wallet is worth even less.

1964 Topps Casey Stengel
This is my favorite Mets card. Casey is lounging in his Mets gear, a little more aged by his awful Mets team. Stengel's Mets weren't quite like his Yankees. I got this card at Paper Heroes in Knightdale, NC many years ago. I probably paid $4. I would occasionally buy an old card but would never pay more than a few dollars for it. I was a set collector then. Now, this card is first on my manager's page in my 1 of every Met collection.

1976 Topps Tito FuentesI featured this card in my 1976 Topps tribute. It is the card that prompted my first all-out player collection. It will be fun tracking down all of his cards. I already have a RC and a certified autograph! Tito had some major personality and it showed on his cards.

1972 Topps Willie MaysYou used to hear stories about people finding great collectibles at yard sales, at flea markets, and in old, dusty attics. That never seems to happen anymore. This card is the one time it happened to me. I was at a small flea market, who-knows-where, with my mom. I saw a small stack of cards in a glass case. The owner told me they were $0.25 each. I searched through the stack and chose a 1961 Topps Whitey Herzog, a Ron Santo RC, and this Willie Mays.
Best purchase ever!!!

T-206 Christy MathewsonI also featured this one back when I was just a wee blogger. It's my best of the best. I paid $35 for it. It is in pretty bad shape but it's an original Hall of Famer. I remember convincing Billy of Tom's Coins and Antiques in New Bern, NC, to throw in a free snap case with my purchase. It may be the most I have ever spent on one card. I wouldn't trade it or sell it. It is my favorite card.

There you have it. Stats-on-the-back would like to thank Gellman at Bleeped Out Sportscards for this blogacious event. Last time I gave myself a C+, but the Mathewson alone is worth a B-!!


dinged corners said...

Gellman's right...this IS revealing. The cards are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

a couple of great Giants cards!

gcrl said...

casey loves those dugout steps! nice mays pickup, too.

mab said...

Great cards and stories to go with them!

deal said...

The Mattewson at $35 sounds like a a steal. I would be happy for any T206.

Any pre-Topps HOF card from a players playing days is pretty darn special.

dayf said...

All of Casey's Mets cards are great. That one might be the best though.