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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Custom Christmas Gift for my Mom

I have made several custom cards in the past, one including tricky Nixon and the other of the famous Lucy of Dinged Corners.

I never tried to print these out until the idea for my Mom's Christmas gift popped into my head. She is a loyal Stats-on-the-Back reader and a lover of all things family! My gift was a wax pack of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter's Mosley Edition. (Feel free the click on each image to check out the Stats on the Back!)

Here's the wrapper image. (Only 4 cards to a pack. Must be a super-high end product!)

Card #1 - My Dad (back in his coaching days)

My wife, the real photoshopper of the house, would like you all to know that she removed an umpire's head on the right of this image and replaced it with a shadow. My dad coached baseball for many years. (For all you UNC or USFL fans out there, he convinced Kelvin Bryant to play baseball in high school.)

Card #2 - My Brother (in the on-deck circle)

My brother was the king of all our wiffle ball games when we were kids. I was no slouch myself.

Card #3 - Me (no good little league photos and I was better at tennis!)

Just to explain the German reference, I was pummeled by a German exchange student named Dirk Schimmel. Earlier in the year, he scored a goal from midfield against our soccer team.

Card #4 - My Niece (the snacks are mightier than the goals!)

The uniforms and the snacks are what she loves most about soccer. I agree, uniforms and snacks are WAY more fun than soccer!

I actually printed these out and mounted them on those thick decoy cards. I must admit, they look pretty good.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my Mom and everyone out there!


Fuji said...

These are really cool! I'm sure your mother loved them.

dayf said...

Awesome idea! they look great.

Aron said...

that's pretty much what the holidays are about eh? awesome

Retard, the blog. said...

Great looking cards Mark!

lucy said...

great post!it is very nice of you to show us your family and yourself!great job!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! i remember those wiffle ball days at mosley park where 2nd base was the pine tree.
i, of course, didn't rack up the stats like you guys. i was too slow!

ccmo said...

Yes, your Mama loves this gift and thanks you very much for it. You can't really put a value on such a one of a kind, made to order, thoughtful, creative, and wonderful gift. It is worth more than money could buy. Thanks!!!

Dave said...

That's awesome!!

My wife actually did this for me in reverse, printing out the tribute cards I've done as a gift for me this Christmas. I absolutely loved it!

I really enjoyed these as well as the other ones I've done. I've added these to my list of "tribute cards by other bloggers" on my own blog, if that's cool with you:

Very neat!