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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dale Murphy: Mariner

Did you know that Dale Murphy was a Seattle Mariner in 1980? Neither did I until I found this card.
Bochte was a one time All-Star while the Murph won 2 MVPs and was an early 80's baseball god.

Bochte is an agnostic while Murphy is a Morman.

Bochte sat out the 1983 season in protest of rising salaries ruining the game while Murphy made 1.3 million in 1983.

Neither is in the Hall of Fame.

Monday, July 26, 2010


It's been a while since I did any actual blogging. Trade posts have littered Stats on the Back since my son was born.

I thought I would get back to blogging about the simple things: cards I like. They are generally worthless and don't really fit into my collecting goals. But I like them so they are allowed to take their place with Aaron, Pujols, Yogi, etc.

1993 Upper Deck #103 Jay BellBell is taking infield, wearing a t-shirt that reads "WE NEED ME". The "WE" must refer to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The 1992 Pirates won 96 games and eventually lost to the Atlanta Braves in the postseason. Jay Bell was arguably the 3rd best position player for the Pirates that year, behind Bonds and Van Slyke. In 1993, Bell was the best position player and the Pirates finished 5th in the NL East, winning only 75 games. So while the Pirates "needed" Jay Bell, they didn't need him nearly as much as they needed BARRY BONDS!