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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He must be a real person!

My co-contributing brother, who has yet to contribute to this blog, has a baseball card DAD story that I wanted to share:

My niece Cassie loves her daddy and everything her daddy does. Her daddy loves baseball cards so Cassie asked for baseball cards for her 6th birthday. Chris bought a 2-pack of 2007 wax for around $2 from some local store for her. There was a pack of Topps and a pack of Bowman Draft & Prospects. She doesn't really know any players or teams, just that her daddy likes baseball cards.

She opened her packs and wouldn't you know it, she got an autographed card. Her comment: "He must be a REAL person!". How cool is that?

In case you are wondering, the auto was of Cleveland Indian prospect, Trevor Crowe.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is Eye Black Funny?

Sandy and Kevin seem to think so:

Those fancy new eye black stickers are good for bible verses and shout-outs, but not for creating facial hair where facial hair isn't.

If you agree with Sandy and/or Kevin, these cards can be yours. I will trade them for ANY two cards in which eye black is used CORRECTLY.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Veale vs. Vila Results

Here are the thrilling results of the Battle of the Bobs!

MMayes likens Bob Vila to the handymen in the phonebook. Ouch! He gives Veale the win by a ring!
gcrl thinks Vila's career is no better than A-Rod's. We can't be sure how many home repairs Vila would have completed without the performancing enhancing Craftsman tools. He gives Veale the win by his assumed untaintedness.

davesworld62 goes anti-Red Sox, which happens to hurt Vila more than Veale, who actually played for the Sox. And he serves up a sweet anecdote about Veale coming up with the quote, "Good pitching can stop good hitting anytime." His Sox hatred seals the deal for Veale!

gritz76 calls out both Bobs for faking their jobs in their respective cards. But he credits Vila with having more houses with the claim, "the house that Vila built". Vila will not be shut out!

Final Score: Veale 3, Vila 1

I'll be sending out Vilas to all 4 participants. Send me an address and an idea about what you might like to accompany your Vila (team, player, etc). Thanks for playing. That was a lot of fun!

Just so I don't get bombarded with Vila card requests, 4 is all I got. These 4 might hit eBay soon so be on the lookout.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Battle of the Bobs

Take your pick:

Bob Veale vs. Bob Vila

Bob Veale was a pretty decent pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He made 2 All-Star teams and led the league in K's in 1964. His career K/9 ratio of 7.96 ranks 27th all-time. He won a World Series Ring in 1971. His career just wasn't very long.
Bob Vila has his own website. He was the host of This Old House and hocks tools for Sears. He repeatedly one-uped Tim "the tool man" Taylor on the show Home Improvement.
Who had the better career? Leave a comment, giving your choice and your reasoning. On Friday, I'll select the best response and send you a prize pack including your very own Bob Vila card!