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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coolest Card Ever

I was hoping that Wes Swackhamer would make it big in St.Louis. Not because I know him personally, I don't. Not because he went to the same college as me, he didn't. Not because I have a rare, shiny, autographed rookie card of his, I do not.

It's because his 2005 Topps Turkey Red Card is AWESOME.

He is on the top step, old school striped socks with his pant legs high, waiting to run out on the green grass of ball field. And what will he do once he gets there?

He'll SWACK homeruns with his 
mighty hammer, of course! 

He doesn't even need a nickname, he's "THE SWACKHAMER". He was almost a legend.

I like this card so much, I bought each of the variations that are readily available. (Must not have the RED!)

Need the red. Would like the suede too.

Happy 2012 from Mark at Stats-on-the-Back!