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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bat Around: You mean, other than a Trasher of Cards

What kind of collector WAS I?
When I was younger, I was a set collector/card amasser. I collected at least 1 set per year (85 Donruss, 87 Topps, 87 Donruss, 88 Topps, 88 Donruss, 89 Topps, 90 Topps, 90 Score, 90 Donruss, 91 Topps, 91 Fleer). I bought all the the other major sets, the traded sets, the little Fleer sets from all the drug stores, and every super-glossy set that Topps made and sold through K-Mart, Woolworths, etc. Upper Deck came along and changed the game. A fifth major set? After that, the market exploded and there was 20 sets per year. I lost interest because I couldn't collect how I had in the past. I couldn't afford to buy everything. (and girls may have had something to do with the losing interest.) I kept everything. My closet was full of baseball cards. Of the sets I collected, I kept only 87 Topps and 87 Donruss. I have since collected my birth year set of 1976 Topps.What kind of collector AM I?
Today, I threaten to throw cards away! Actually, I have figured out that I don't need 100 Kal Daniels cards. I liked Kal Daniels, he was probably on a few early fantasy teams. But 1 card of his is probably enough. I had sets that had little to no meaning to me. I scoured the STATS ON THE BACK of every card and that's why I love math, but enough is enough. I love baseball and baseball cards but I needed to reduce to enjoy what I had.
NOW, I am a sampler/specific collection collector. Here are my current hobby priorities in no particular order:
  • collect 1 of every Met (Mets uniforms are preferred but any will do)
  • collect 1 of every player who has been on my simulation baseball league team. We have played for 8 seasons. (I try to get a game-used card of players that stay on my team for several years)
  • collect or buy a set if I really like it. (I collected last years UD Masterpieces and I bought the Trading Card History set this year)
  • buy random retail wax for fun (mojo or no, it's in my blood)
  • open new wax with my brother (we have split a box of 08 A&G and 08 Masterpieces)
  • collect 1 of every HOFer. (The executives are tough but I haven't really persued then yet)
  • collect every non 1 of 1 Tito Fuentes card (2 exciting additions as of late. Will post about this soon)
  • continue to reduce my collection, more cards in albums, and more card giveaways.
  • 2 blog posts per week
  • trade more (including cards I like and only have 1 of)
What can the card companies do for ME?
That's a tough one. I don't buy what I don't want and I am not a prospector. I think the card companies put out crappy products that cost too much but I have ultimate control over my collecting dollar. Give me some good-looking cards that are fun to look at and read and I'm happy. I would occasionally like to get a shiny card or one that honors Tom Seaver or particularly vintagey ones.

Thanks to the Uncensored One for the assignment. I'll give myself a C+, but I've got some great excuses!