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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Collecting History

So now that my blog has withered in the blazing heat, along with my grass, I thought I would throw a post out there and see if it sticks. Here is a short history of me as a baseball card collector:
I was given a big box of cards from a family friend. Mostly 1973 and 1974 Topps. My brother and I shared the cards. We sorted cards by team. Each team had two stacks, players whom we had heard of and those we had not. Rubber bands aplenty!
We diligently collected the 1985 Donruss set, mostly through rack packs. I remember buying a whole pack because Bill Madlock was on the outside and was needed for the set. Also remember getting Razor Shines from a card shop to complete the set (Sad story - I sent the Shines card ttm a few years ago to the Mets spring training facility. Gone forever. It was my first and last ttm request.)
Collection split with my brother. Began my years as a hoarder of cards. I wanted every card ever produced. I bought every base set, update set, drug store Fleer set, blister packed classic set, etc that I could find.
Fleer Ultra and OPC Premiere arrived, ending my 6 year struggle for EVERYTHING that pictured a baseball player on it.
I bought a set or two, a pack here, a pack there.
The dark years or maybe the light years, depending on your perspective. I didn't think too much about cards, as I finished high school and started college.
My brother reentered the baseball card world, buying up cheap sets and Jeff Bagwell singles. I set out to collect my birth year set, 1976 Topps.
2000 - 2004
Other than my 1976 Topps set, very little hobby activity.
The pack ripping bug bites, retail style. I would buy a few packs a week at the local target. The thrill of the unopened pack was exciting again. I discovered shiny inserts, gamed-used bits, SP's, and parallels.
2006 - 2007
As my collection grew, a few packs at a time, I felt the need to organize. Most of my cards were in their respective set boxes and the others were in binders, toploaders, or boxes, in alpabetical order by last name, of course. The collection was overwhelming. I took up an entire bookshelf. There were probably 90,000 - 100,000 cards and I rarely looked at them. Something had to be done.
early 2007
The year I threw away baseball cards. I have admitted it more than once on this blog. I knew that I did not want every common card from the over-produced era of my childhood and I was sure, at the time, that no one else did either. I threw away roughly 20,000 cards.
mid 2007
I discovered A Pack a Day, and then discovered Cardboard Junkie, Thorzul Will Rule, White Sox Cards, and a few others. Maybe there were people who still wanted 1989 Donruss Lloyd Moseby
January 1, 2008
Stats on the Back was born.
I created custom cards, gave away 30,000 cards, honored (or made fun) 1985 donruss, 1976 Topps, and 1981 Fleer, made lots of trades
I shared my thoughts on the top three at each position.(I don't think I got around to RF. Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente are in the top three off the top of my head), had some contests, ridded my collection of "Lame Hits", and didn't post as much
Lots more reducing of the collection. traded away stacks of stars and excess vintage, even less posting.
I continue to reduce my collection every time I look at it. I am down to less than 10,000 cards, not counting the ones I will be trading/giving away this year. and almost no posting. Mostly I work and take care of my little boy (19 months).

Next Up: My collection now and the next great Trade/Giveaway from Stats-on-the-Back!!