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Saturday, May 17, 2008

1976 Topps Tribute: Will Ferrell???

We all know Will Ferrell is a supreme athlete. I haven't seen Semi-Pro but his skating ability in Blades of Glory and all his naked running in Talladega Nights and Old School serves as evidence enough for me. Where did his athletic prowess come from? I have a controversial possibility:


Not really but they could be related. Dobson had a pretty nice career, winning over 100 games and appearing in 1 All-Star game and 2 World Series (Detroit won it all in 1968). He passed away in 2006, 1 day after being diagnosed with Leukemia.

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capewood said...

Dobson was only 64 when he died. I wonder if anyone has done a mortality study on death rates of baseball players compared to the regular population.

There's corrently a Pat Dobson, born in 1980, in the minor leagues. A son perhaps?

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--David said...

Man, if they ever do a movie on Dobson's life, we know who to cast!

Anonymous said...

That is freaky close. Maybe Ferrell could work that into one of his comedic routines.