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Saturday, January 19, 2008

89 Topps Battle: Game Simulation

My brother, Chris, had the idea to take the squads from the previous 89 Topps Battle and have them play in an actual game. Luckily, he and I played all kinds of Baseball Board Games when we were kids. He played Sherco Baseball for about 7 years, logging every pitch and at-bat. He still has hand written career stat sheets, league leaders, and MVP voting.
We pulled out the player ratings for the 1988 season, made some lineups, and had ourselves a ballgame. Here's the Scoreheet: (click for larger view)

McMurtry won the pack battle with the flash of draftpicks, Avery and Abbott, but Langston checked his ego and gave John Tudor the start. He pitched 8 strong innings, allowing only 4 baserunners while striking out 6. Will Clark was the only player to collect 2 hits in a true pitchers' duel. McMurtry did his part by pitching 2 innings in relief with 4K's.

The drama came in the bottom of the 9th with Eric Davis at the plate. The dice were cast, needing a 45 to get a hit. One die showed 5 while the other rolled off the table. Rules say the 2nd die must be rolled again. There was a 50-50 chance of Eric Davis getting a hit. I rolled a ONE!!! STRIKEOUT to end the game!

Chris and I will continue to pit our packs against each other in actual (err...simulation) games throughout the year. We'll use a little more updated game called Diamond Mind Baseball. Updates on our current Diamond Mind season can be found here. (I manage the A's. It's gotta be my year!)


Unknown said...

Even though Mike Maddux won his card bout against Cecil Fielder due to his civil relationship with his brother Greg, the McMurtrys could not have been excited about sending Mike to the mound to start a game of this magnitude.

--David said...

The Diamond Mine Baseball link didn't work for me. I'm looking forward to seeing your pack post games!

hartmanj said...

Nice looking site. I found it through an old post you made on A Pack a Day. We have a little in common. I am a teacher who likes my cards and I just started a blog myself.