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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ed Brinkman

It seems that all ballplayers are studs, good looking guys who are big and fit. There are exceptions like Bartolo Colon or the ever-increasing Miguel Cabrera, but most fit this stereotype. A quick rummage through cards of the 70's shows that this wasn't always the case. Take into consideration: ED BRINKMAN.
Edwin Albert Brinkam looks like he could be your uncle or a kitchen appliance salesman from Topeka. He played for 15 seasons, was an All-Star in 1973 and won a Gold Glove in 1972 (only 7 errors at SS while playing in 156 games). He actually finished 9th in MVP voting in 1972 despite batting .203 and slugging just .279 (OPS+ of 59). His glove must have been terrific.

His poor stats at the plate can only be attributed to his batting stance, which oddly enough looks like my mother's.
They probably still "make 'em like they used to", they just don't draft them.


Fred Sarra said...

That guy is the "Stud" of the century!

Can you please e-mail me on our TA&G trade, I can't seem to find any other way to contact you, and wanted to send you a scan of the cards I was going to send.

Gem Mint Genius

Unknown said...

You know the ladies were lining up for Big Ed back in the '70s.