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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Best of the Best

I have been posting some rough looking cards so I thought I would go all out and share my best card.

I bought this card when I was 10 years old at Tom's Coins and Antiques in New Bern, NC. I think I paid $35 for it. I wanted an old cigarette card and was happy to get one of the best pitchers ever to play the game. Christy Mathewson was one of the first five inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

I will never have the card graded but I assume it would be a 1. No matter, it's my favorite card and probably always will be. I just got the book, The Card, about the famous Honus Wagner card and look forward to reading it this summer.

Now my second favorite card is a 1987 Pat Sheridan, but I'll save that for a later post!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that. Its great that you went out and got one of these at such a young age. And its even better that you still have it.

hartmanj said...

Awesome. I would like to have a tobacco card myself one day.

tm87 said...

Do you really own this card? That is pretty cool if you do. :)

mmosley said...

I'm not sure why you wouldn't believe that I owned it. I own it and the 1987 Topps Pat Sheridan card. Both are highly treasured.

All cards posted on Stats on the Back belong to me.

Unknown said...

I was with Mark when he bought the card. I must have been 13. So in my infinite wisdom, I was probably buying a 1987 Topps Traded set while Mark was negotiating the Mathewson.

According to Baseball Reference, Mathewson had a career ERA of 2.13 while the league ERA during his career was 2.89. The MLB League ERA hasn't been below 4.00 since 1992 and below 3.00 since 1968.

Anonymous said...

Nice card. My oldest card is a 1955 football card of Pete Pihos. I haven't checked the value in years, but the condition is probably comparable to your Mathewson.

dayf said...

That card is Gem Mint all the way. Great card!