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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do You Remember Mark Davis?

I remember Mark Davis. He pitched great in 1989. His ERA+ was 192. He was an All-Star, won the Cy Young and finished in the top-10 in MVP voting. (He never received another vote for either award in any other year. ) Despite being a reliever, Davis' Rookie Cards went up to about $5.00. My brother and I both asked for Mark Davis RC's that Christmas. He appears with Ozzie Virgil, and Bob Dernier on a 1982 Topps card. It is hard to say who was the best out of the trio. I suppose Davis gets the nod because of the Cy Young hardware but Ozzie matched his All-Star appearances with 2 and Dernier showed in the MVP voting in 1984. Both Virgil and Dernier appeared in the post-season while Davis did not. Who would you take Mark Davis or Virgil and Dernier?This is one of only about 5 1984 Donruss that I have ever owned. The Mattingly RC from that set was one of the "cards I will never own" along with anything from 1984 Fleer Update. Now any card with the words "refractor" or "sterling" fit that description.

Here's to relief pitcher RCs and to 1984 Donruss!


Unknown said...

Those are some slim pickings but I'd take Mark Davis. Dernier's MVP vote had to have been a joke. He was terrible in 1984. Virgil made 2 All-Star teams but batted below .250 both times. I'll take Mark Davis's 1988 and 1989 against Virgil and Dernier's entire careers combined.

All Around Orlando said...

Ugh...Dernier was not "terrible" in 1984. He was the catalyst for the 1984 NL EAST Champion Chicago Cubs. Hitting .278/3/32 while swiping 45 bags and playing a great CF.

But I do agree, Davis is the best on the card.

mmosley said...

I will settle this:

Dernier was not terrible but he was no catalyst either. He was league average, no more, no less.

Unknown said...

Dernier did not play great CF either. He was a league average fielder.

I will admit that I was being overly dramatic when I called Dernier terrible. What I should have said is that he should not have received even 1 MVP vote.

Being a league average player in 1984 was a nice high point in Dernier's very forgettable career.