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Sunday, June 8, 2008

1976 Topps Tribute: Bevacqua Blows

Airbrushing and painting Topps cards to get players in their new uniforms has become an honored tradition. As has Bazooka Joe. These 2 traditions culminate in 1 popular 1976 Topps card:

Bevacqua beat out Johnny Oates for the 1975 championship. On the back, I noticed that Bevacqua appears to have gotten a bye into the 2nd round. Surely there should be an asterisk somewhere on the card. Oh there is!!! Glenn Abbott did not win the A's competition. Angel Mangual should have been the team's representative. AND the Tigers and Pirates did not even participate. Who's to say that Ron Leflore or Richie Zisk couldn't have made a Cinderella run to the title?

And what about that bubble? It is either airbrushed or Bevacqua was using the thickest bubble gum ever. Shouldn't acting Bubble Gum Commissioner, Joe Garagiola, have done something?

Yes, 33 years later I am protesting the results of this competition. It is time we cleaned up this once proud championship. Maybe the senate can get involved. No Hall of Fame for Kurt Bevacqua!!!

According to , this card finished 2nd in Sports Collectors Digest funniest card competition. They claimed the winner was a bit x-rated and did not mention which one it was: Billy Ripken, maybe? Any ideas on what really should be the funniest card?

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MMayes said...

Funniest card...

-Bill Ripken's borrowed bat
-Don Mossi's ears
-"Lefty" Lou Burdette
-Steve Lake and his cockatoo
-Jonathan Holdzkom's 07 Bowman (looks like Napoleon Dynamite, but pitches more like Uncle Rico)
-Billy Martin's 1972 with "the finger" going down the bat

Dinged Corners said...

These all vector towards greatness, but last night I was looking at the Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum book and I must say, Whammy Douglas is up there.