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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

76 Topps Tribute: Bat Fun

We have honored cards with silly hats, glasses, HOFers, and a possible 6-man tent in a back pocket, so here's to the bats, but not the maple bats that are attacking women and children at the ballpark. (Oh, they're attacking the men too. We just don't mind that so much.)

Back in little league, the big green bag of equipment always had three old bats, with no grip, that nobody used. There was always one kid who's parent bought him the newest Easton and everybody used it. We even had a Wiffle bat that everybody used. It just hit better than all the others. The knob had come off so we taped the bottom so that no one would cut their hand on the plastic shards on the end. I miss that bat.

These two bats and the players attached ease the pain of losing that classic yellow stick:

Felix Millan is demonstrating the extreme choked-up style that set the Mets record for hits with 191 in 1975. (Surprising Stat: Lance Johnson holds the current Met record w/ 227 hits in 1996) I'm not sure if Felix hit with the part above his hands or the equally available part below his hands. (If Felix was Mr. Potato Head and dressed as Darth Maul and painted his choked-up bat red, he would look like this.)

Gene Locklear did not get the MLB memo that stated that aluminum bats were not permitted. Maybe he was the "kid" whose parents bought him the new Easton. It could be the fungo. Anybody know why its called a fungo? Here are a couple of possibilities.

Millan played for 12 years, was a 3-time All-Star (3 consecutive with the Braves) and even received MVP support in 1973. His career ended after Ed Ott threw him to the ground in an on-field brawl.

Not much on Gene Locklear. He is from Lumberton, NC. Baseball Reference says his best offensive comparable is Rufino Linares. I'm sure I'll post about Rufino at some point. Locklear was traded for a player to be named. I think he could have played longer if he had used that Easton in MLB games.

Who would you take in a fight?
Locklear has that bat but Felix has the jumbo 'stache and the mad Jedi/Sith skills.
Millan in round 3!

Next Up: Bevacqua Blows!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Bevacqua post. One of my fave commons.

Unknown said...

I like Locklear's top-hand only batting glove choice.

dayf said...

Looks like Millan is about to whack someone upside the head. Don't mess with Felix.