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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He must be a real person!

My co-contributing brother, who has yet to contribute to this blog, has a baseball card DAD story that I wanted to share:

My niece Cassie loves her daddy and everything her daddy does. Her daddy loves baseball cards so Cassie asked for baseball cards for her 6th birthday. Chris bought a 2-pack of 2007 wax for around $2 from some local store for her. There was a pack of Topps and a pack of Bowman Draft & Prospects. She doesn't really know any players or teams, just that her daddy likes baseball cards.

She opened her packs and wouldn't you know it, she got an autographed card. Her comment: "He must be a REAL person!". How cool is that?

In case you are wondering, the auto was of Cleveland Indian prospect, Trevor Crowe.

1 comment:

Dan said...

If your niece, Cassie, would like to trade that Trevor Crowe autograph for two autographs that I have, I have a list of autographs and relics available for trade, if she likes a certain player or team. Let me know what she thinks.

And good for her to start her collection in such a great way!