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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is Eye Black Funny?

Sandy and Kevin seem to think so:

Those fancy new eye black stickers are good for bible verses and shout-outs, but not for creating facial hair where facial hair isn't.

If you agree with Sandy and/or Kevin, these cards can be yours. I will trade them for ANY two cards in which eye black is used CORRECTLY.


Anonymous said...

Very funny post!I do have some cards with eye-black used correctly.I will see if we can trade!


MMayes said...

You should also post the Dustin Hermanson cards. He's got one with facial hair like Kevin Brown's card.....except it was for real.

mmosley said...

Lucy - I'll send the cards later this week.

MMayes - Send me a scan. I don't have and/or don't know which card you are talking about.

dayf said...

I want to have facial hair like Kevin Brown, I just don't want to find a good divorce lawyer.