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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Text on Card Fronts

Dinged Corners continues to inspire me and many others to post more often. Here are a few of my favorite "text on the front" cards.

1991 Classic "Futures Aces"
The card had clever text with a matching clever photo. The problem was; these future aces were anything but. Van Poppel stuck around for a few years, Dressendorfer played one year, and Peters and Zancanaro never made it to the show. I'm sure the Mets haters can find a similar photo of Izzy, Wilson, etc. (Never aces but solid relievers)

1991 Studio Black and DeckerBud Black was part of a 1982 Fleer 2-card puzzle that read "Black & Blue (Vida Blue). This Studio card provided small, home appliance humor that has gone unmatched in the last 18 years. If only they were holding Dust Busters.

1987 Fleer "One Strike From Victory?????"I THINK NOT! Mets win, Mets win!!!!!! Some say Mookie would have been safe even if Buckner had caught the ball. That game was unraveling way before that monumental mishap. It's about time that a little magic returns to the Mets.

1960 Topps "Fork & Knuckler"Shouldn't that be "Forker," as in one who forks. Cool vintage card of two good pitchers chatting about their #1 pitches. Today's card would read "Gyro & Public Enemy #1" (Dice-K & Kershaw).

1982 Fleer Steve & Carlton (Carlton & Fisk)I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Pure Genius!"


Anonymous said...

We've never seen the aces card before! It's monumental!

The Steve & Carlton is inspired. Do you suspect that the days of inspired card text might be pretty much over?

Fork & Knuckler...the players have kind of a serenity about them in that photo.

And yes. Mm hm. We neeeed some modern Mets magic.

dinged corners said...

We're glad you're back.
1-Baseball Boss will be checked.
2-Europe ROCKS. London may be the best walking city IN THE WORLD. Well, Florence too.
3-Wow! That's wonderful.
5-We agree that the new Star Trek is great.

We second your mother. Post more, per favore!