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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tito Fuentes (1967)

More Tito so soon? Si!!!

Here is Tito's 1967 Topps card commemorating his first full season in the majors:
Fuentes finished third in the ROY voting behind Tommy Helms and Sonny Jackson in 1966.
Since lame catcher Bob Barton is not cluttering up the card, maybe we can find out some nuggets from the STATS-ON-THE-BACK:1. Born in 1944. That would make him 65, qualifying him for discount coffee everywhere!
2. Led the Giants in SB. Since Tito only had 6, it means San Fran was frightfully slow on the base paths. One might choose the term Boog-esque.
3. Kid friendly. He managed a little league team. The cartoon depicts Tito yelling at a scared child. Other cartoon pictures Tito holding a firearm. Topps cartoonists seem unfond of young Fuentes.
4. May have juiced in 1965. Over a 200% increase in HR from the previous year? Kidding!
5. Good Power ... for a man of his size? 5'11'' 175 9 HRs. Sounds about right.

Don't get your hopes up for 1968 and 1969 Topps cards. We'll catch up with Tito in the groovy 70's!

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Unknown said...

I like the fact that Tito signs his name: Titofuentes