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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BEST: Center Field

Maybe the toughest of all the positions! Positions one through three are a toss up.

1. Willie Mays
- ROY, 2 MVP, 12 top-tens, 20 All-Star games, 12 Gold Gloves, 3283 hits, 660 HR, 2000+ runs, 1900+ rbi, .302 avg, 156 OPS+. His greatness over so many years gives him the edge in my book. He was great EVERY year from age 20 to 41.
2. Mickey Mantle - 3 MVP, 9 top-tens, 16 All-Star games, 172 OPS+, 536 HR, 7 World Series rings. He and Mays were so similar. Two great players. Mantle was great from age 19 to 36. Wow!3. Ty Cobb - 1 MVP, 4189 hits, .366 avg (best all-time), .433 obp, 2246 runs, 1937 rbi, 892 SB, 167 OPS+. I can't really give a good reason Cobb isn't number 1. He definitely loses some credit for not having to play all the best ballplayers.I'd start a team with any of these three guys.

Others Considered:
Ken Griffey Jr - His 30's took a toll on his body and his career numbers. He was fun to watch and collect when I was a kid. An impressive top three keep him out of consideration.

Joe Dimaggio - Not the MVP in 1947! (Did you know that Ted Williams won the triple crown twice and finished 2nd in MVP voting BOTH years!!!) That hitting streak sure is impressive. No player has come within 10 games of topping it.

Eric Davis - In 1987, Davis hit 37 HR and stole 50 only 129 games. Jose stole his thunder one year later! Eric Davis never played more than 135 games in a season. He was great when he wasn't hurt. Oh yea, he's my favorite player ever!

Current Players Who Might Make the List:
Grady Sizemore - I keep waiting for him to explode. He's 26 and coming off of 2 surgeries. He better explode quick to get in the conversation.

The Babe and the Hammer are next up in BEST: Right Field


Dean Family said...

A couple of old-timers to consider, Hall of Famer Tris Speaker of the Indians and Red Sox, and Duke Snider of the Dodgers.

More recently, Kirby Puckett and Fred Lynn, both of whom had injuries shorten their careers.

1982 Topps - My First Cards said...

Yeah, toss up, if I were going to start a team with any of them though, I'd do it with Mays, because I think his defense was best of the 3...I might be wrong, but I think I'm right.

Hackenbush said...

I'd be happy with Mays. In addition to all his power numbers, he even led the NL in stolen bases 4 straight years in the late '50's.

James said...

I can't argue with that list. Imagine the #s Mays could have had if he didn't miss part of the early career due to military service.

scott said...

Gotta be the Mick