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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All-Time GIANTS: Responses to Responses

I received a few responses about my first All-Time Giants team.

Matt R, the requester of Giants, offered up a few honorable mention pitchers:

"Joe McGinnity -- he was a great #2 for Mathewson."
- True. He didn't quite dominate his era enough (ERA+ = 118)

"John Antonelli -- good seasons in the mid-late 1950s." and "Sal Maglie -- didn't stay with the Giants long enough."
- I could be persuaded to replace Schmidt with one of these 2 guys, but I like having current players on these lists.

"Gary Lavelle -- if you need a lefty in the pen he's a good one to put in there.
" - Good reliever. I didn't worry about righty/lefty stuff on my rosters. Nen and Beck were better, yet right-handed.

Everyone's favorite Troll, other than Shrek, had a few ideas as well:

"Even though he only spent 5 years as a Giant, Johnny Mize would get my vote. He did have a 51 homer season there... That is hard to ignore." - Kevin Mitchell, who won an MVP in 1989, probably took his spot. If Mize had not lost 3 years to WW1, he would be on the Giants list. But don't worry, Mize will show up on a list before this thing is over.

"Wes Westrum would be a nice back up catcher too."
- Like the LHP/RHP, I just picked the best players on each team after the starting 9. Very few teams have a 2nd catcher.

"Monte Irvin!!!! Can't forget him!" - Monte Irvin didn't get to play in the bigs until he was 30. He missed a lot of good baseball due to ignorance. Larry Doyle, the last Giant bench player, won a Chalmers Award (MVP) in 1912 but they don't count in my book. MONTE IRVIN IS ON THE TEAM!!!
Troll, I owe you some free cards. Not sure if I can help with the want list, but I will see what I can do. Red Sox are next since nobody asked for their team!


Collective Troll said...

Wow, I am honored that you agreed with one of my pics... Thanks!

Captain Canuck said...

do you really need to ask? It should start, and end, with the Braves. Boston, milwaukee, Atlanta.