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Sunday, January 3, 2010

All-Time Teams: GIANTS

I chose 27 players from each Major League Franchise. Why 27? 9-pocket pages, of course. I only considered stats for that franchise therefore some elite players appear on multiple teams. I always included MVPs and CY award winners (mainly because I also made a goal to collect a card of every winner). Most teams consist of 16 batters and 11 pitchers (9 starters, 2 relievers). I usually put my best card of each player unless a better one is already in my HOF binder.

First up is the San Francisco/New York Giants:The Starting Lineup:
C - Roger Bresnahan (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)
1B - Willie McCovey
2B - Jeff Kent (Best 2B of the past decade)
SS - Travis Jackson
3B - Matt Williams (lots of HRs in the strike season)
LF - Barry Bonds (Great w/ and w/o medical help)
CF - Willie Mays
RF - Mel Ott (Tiniest dude to hit 500+ HRs)

Nice lineup. Teams with long histories obviously have stronger all-time rosters. Kent, Williams, and Bonds are solidly in my wheelhouse of collecting.

Starting Pitcher: Christy Mathewson (original HOFer)

The Bench:
Will Clark (one of the more underrated players in history)
Orlando Cepeda
Kevin Mitchell
Roger Connor (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)
Bill Terry (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)
George Davis (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)
Ross Youngs (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)
Larry Doyle (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)

Help me fill this page! Vernon Wells' dad did a great job with the UD checklists!

The Pitching Staff:
Carl Hubbell (Great #2)
Tim Lincecum (2 CY Youngs already!)
Juan Marichal (Leg Kick)
Mike McCormick (Who? He won what?)
Gaylord Perry (Better than I ever gave him credit for. But he cheated.)
Jason Schmidt
Rod Beck - RP
Robb Nen - RP
Amos Rusie (HELP - I NEED HIS CARD!)Carl Hubbell could wear that hat today, as long as he doesn't take the sticker off the bill.

Best Batter: Barry Bonds over Willie Mays. (Mays is one of the best ever. Bonds was Ruthian.)

Worst in the Starting Lineup: Travis Jackson (slightly above average for his era, not deserving of the Hall)

I'm surprised he made the cut: Jason Schmidt (Nice career with the Giants. Didn't know it was that good)

Favorite Card: My Original T206 Christy Mathewson is my favorite Giant card but of the ones here: Those 1970 All-Star cards are nice. McCovey is exploding out of that Sporting News. The back is nice too.
Who did I miss? Who is here that shouldn't be? Convince me I am wrong and you get free cards!

Who's next? Don't make me show Beardy the Sox and the Yanks.


Matt Runyon said...

Honorable mention for pitchers:

Joe McGinnity -- he was a great #2 for Mathewson.

John Antonelli -- good seasons in the mid-late 1950s.

Sal Maglie -- didn't stay with the Giants long enough.

Gary Lavelle -- if you need a lefty in the pen he's a good one to put in there.

Collective Troll said...

Monte Irvin!!!! Can't forget him!

Collective Troll said...

Even though he only spent 5 years as a Giant, Johnny Mize would get my vote. He did have a 51 homer season there... That is hard to ignore. Wes Westrum would be a nice back up catcher too.