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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I've Been Pimped!

Big thanks to Cardboard Junkie for pimpin' the new blog.

In the Junkie's honor I will feature one of my favorite Braves Cards. You see, he is a Braves fan and I am not. Go Mets!

1974 Topps Hank Aaron
Hank is grinning from ear to ear because he is the the Home Run champ! At least for a while!

Topps used to always make Card #1 cool: World Series Champ team cards, Record Breakers, Highlights, Pete Rose, or League Leaders. In 2007, they went with John Lackey.

To tell the truth, I was once a Braves fan. Dale Murphy and Bob Horner were awesome. They hit homeruns in the first MLB game I attended. (So did Mike Schmidt) I got older and wiser and the lure of Captain Bob Horner's Restaurant Chain faded away. I still have the set of miniature team helmets I bought at the gift shop!


Unknown said...

Hank Aaron is the man regardless of the fact that he was unfortunate enough to have to play for the Braves.

Regardless of what Goose Gossage said, I'm positive that Hank Aaron feared no one on the baseball field.

--David said...

Though I've always been a Tribe fan, I did go through my share of '2nd faves' and the Braves held that position for a while. Phillies, Reds, Mets, and A's also had their time in my '2nd place spotlight.'