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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pete Rose: Best and Worst

Next in the series of Best and Worst is the Hit King, Pete Rose.

Pete Rose always brings up an array of emotions for us Baseball fans. I think his on-field career was remarkable, his managerial career unfortunate. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame as a player but should not be allowed to work in Baseball.

Best Card: 1976 Topps #240

What a great card! A rare close-up shot of a serious ballplayer. Pete is sporting the chops and the flip-up sunglasses. He is thinking, "Yea, I took out Ray Fosse and I'm coming for Cobb next."

Worst Card: (Tie) 1986 True Value #4 & 1986 Woolworths #29

Same bad photo, two different bad cards. Here Pete is thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't have made that bet." or "Taxes, what taxes?" Check out the awesome graphics! See how the SUPER STAR graphic explodes from behind the peeling photo. To be fair, the TrueValue card outstars the Woolworths by a score of 23 to 2.

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Bart McClaughry said...

Yes, I agree the 1976 Pete Rose is a great card. I also agree Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame!

Anonymous said...

I've got some of those True Value cards, but I don't think I have the Rose. I loved collecting cards as a kid, and would collect almost anything with a baseball player on it, no matter how hideous the card was!

mmosley said...

I bought every small set at Revco and K-Mart, ate Mac and Cheese with cards on the back, and had folders that looked like 88 Topps cards. I loved all that stuff too!

Wax Heaven said...

Sorry to be shallow but what an ugly man and and even uglier mop top.

Amazing hitter, though. :)

Big Daddy Filth said...

I bet he could win a title with the Reds now!!