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Saturday, March 8, 2008

89 Topps vs. 89 Topps: This Time It's Personal!

I believe that all sequels should have that title!

The second '89 Topps cello pack battle pits Berenguers Boys up against Lind's Ladies. I decide who wins based on no criteria.
Card 1: J.Berenguer v. J.Lind – Lind wins on account of his teeny-tiny glove.

Card 2: P.Bradley v. T.Steinbach – Steinbach was on my fantasy team back when I had to calculate my own stats from box scores from The Sporting News.

Card 3: R.Raines v. F.Bannister – Yea, the R is for Rock. Tim must have asked Topps to do this. You should be a Hall-of-Famer but I hope your plaque says Tim.

Card 4: T.Frohwirth v. M.Stubing(Mgr) – Stubing managed 8 games in 1988 and lost them all. He deserves to win something!

Card 5: J.Kruk v. R.Murphy: I love Krukers on Baseball Tonight. I think he knows he says crazy things. Also, he was a pretty good hitter. Do you think it's OK that I called him Krukers?

Card 6: R.Craig(Mgr) v. F.White – Craig won 10 games for the really bad 1962 Mets.

Card 7: G.Bell v. J.Robinson – G.Bell was a classic late-80s slugger. He hit 47 homeruns in 1987. McGwire and Dawson hit 49 that year.

Card 8: C.Washington v. J.Cecena – Claudell may have been my favorite Brave. But he played for the Mets first.

Card 9: R.Bush v. C.Crim – Randy Bush won two World Series with the Twins in 1987 and 1991.

Card 10: J.Youngblood v. P.Tabler – Youngblood got a hit for the Mets and Expos on the same day. Both against HOFers. How cool is that?

After 10 cards, Berenguer’s Boys are up 7 to 3 over Lind’s Ladies.

Card 11: J.Moyer v. H.Cotto – Jaime Moyer has won 230 games. That is a lot of games.

Card 12: J.Traber v. D.Martinez – El Presidente won 245 games. That is more than 230!

Card 13: B.Smith v. D.Henderson – Bryn Smith used to be the reason his 1982 Topps RC was worth $1. Now Terry Francona is the reason it is worth $5.

Card 14: C.Ford v. M.Tettleton – Tettleton was the best hitting catcher in the league for about 5 years.

Card 15: A. Nipper v. C.Ford – Yes, it is the same Curt Ford card from the previous match-up. It startled me more than it should have. Ford wins!

Card 16: G.Gross v. A.Nipper – Yes, it is the same Al Nipper card from the previous match-up. Greg Gross still wins because I always thought he and Glen Wilson were really the same person.

Card 17: W.Fraser v. G.Gross – Yes, it is the same Greg Gross card from the previous match-up. Fraser wins because I’m irritated and he will probably lose in the next round.

Card 18: E.Hearn v. W.Fraser – This sucks. Ed would have won anyway because he is in a super-goofy catcher pose and he was a Met in 1986.
Card 19: M.Thurmond v. E.Hearn – Ugh. Ed still wins.

Card 20: D.Edwards(Mgr) v. M.Thurmond – I hate everything. No winner!

It is interesting but it makes my picks less interesting, even to me. Many have discussed collation issues about newer packs and boxes but this is ridiculous. It is a good thing I am not completing this set. I will continue. I am not peeking at the rest of the cards. The score is now Boys 12, Ladies 7.

Card 21: A.Pena v. D.Edwards – No winner!

Card 22: J.Blauser v. A.Pena – Pena played for the Mets and is not named Blauser.

Card 23: K.Williams v. J.Blauser – No winner!

Card 24: I.Sanchez v. K.Williams – No winner!

Card 25: G.Cadaret v. I.Sanchez – No winner!

Card 26: T.Trebelhorn v. G.Cadaret – No winner!

Card 27: R.Ventura(Draft) v. B.Anderson – The double-fest is over! Ventura, future Met and Oklahoma State God beats out cheating, oil-painted hat wearing punks.

Card 28: B.Bonilla(AS) v. M.Greenwell(AS) – Bonilla was a Met but never belonged.

Card 29: T.Teufel v. W. Tejada – Teufel. Easy choice.

Card 30: H.Pena v. Checklist – At least the checklist has the names of good players. Harsh choice. Sorry Hipolito!

Thankfully we got out of our double rut. In ran for 12 cards, which is a multiple of 3. And so is 39, the number of cards in a pack. With 9 cards to go, the Boys 14, Ladies 10. Lind’s Ladies need a miracle.

Card 31: JOE Magrane v. JOE Hesketh – Hesketh won 60 games, 3 more than Magrane. I would not have thought that since Joe M won 18 in 1989.

Card 32: J.McKeon(Mgr) v. S.Bailes – McKeon won the World Series with a Florida team that only won 75 regular season games.

Card 33: P.Guerrero v. J.Tudor – Great 80s match-up. I consulted Baseball-Reference’s HOF monitor. (100 is a likely HOFer) Guerrero 53.5, Tudor 37.

Card 34: J.Franco(AS) v. Orioles(TL) – Julio has 1 billion hits if you include the years he played in Mexico and other leagues. And he is still playing.

Card 35: M.Davidson v. D.Cox – Danny Cox was decent for a number of years and I do not remember Mark Davidson.

Card 36: A.Dawson(AS) v. S.Anderson(Mgr) – Sparky is in the Hall and Dawson is not. But should he be? I lean towards no.

Card 37: T.Lasorda(Mgr) v. M.Witt – Do you remember when the Silver Spoons kid tried to collect every Tommy Lasorda card to drive up the value. Awesome!

Card 38: A.Hawkins v. M.Campbell – Hawkins lost a no-hitter by 4 runs, Why shouldn’t he lose here too?

Card 39: R.Johnson v. D.Winfield – Tough call. Randy’s card is a RC and he will be a HOFer.

Card 40? Berenguer’s pack had an extra card. It’s a Met!!! Kevin McReynolds steals 21 straight bases without being caught. I just don’t think the catchers were trying.
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Berenguer’s Boys 22, Lind’s Ladies 14

That does it for my stash of 89 Topps. If anyone needs wax boxes of 1988 Donruss, let me know. I could do pack battles for life with what I have.

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Unknown said...

I was really interested to see who was going to win in the Trebelhorn/Cadaret match-up.

If it wasn't for that pesky collation snafu, I would have my answer.

Any thoughts now that you have cooled down from the palpable rage of the moment?