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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

W-W-W-W-Willie and the Mets

There has been quite a few "I hate the Mets" sentiments across several of the card sites as of late. Dayf at "Braves Junk" makes comments all the time. I guess not getting that 15th division title in a row really stings. And Joe at "RedsRBetterThanMets Cards" seems to be piling it on my Mets as well.
In response, I bust out the big guns:

And by big guns, I mean the serious biceps of a 41 year-old Willie Mays. He played for a year and a half for the Mets and made the All-Star team in 1973.

Speaking of Hall-of-Famers who ended up with the Mets: Duke Snider played for them in 1963 and made an All-Star team. Richie Ashburn played in 1962 and also made an All-Star team. One might argue that these aging players were just fan favorites or were the best players on bad Mets teams...

But Warren Spahn also played for the Mets late in his career, in 1965, but was not an All Star. I blame it on his inherit Braveness. (Yogi Berra also played for the Mets in 1965 and was not an All Star but he only played 4 games. Warren played 20 before pitching 16 more for San Francisco)

17 days until my simulation league draft (I need Tulowitzki) and 20 days until MLB Opening Day (in Japan?) I am looking forward to see how this blog thing will go during an actual baseball season!

1 comment:

Bay Rat North West said...

Why does Willie look so scared in this card? Does he know the Reds will kick the poop out of the Mets for the next decade and a half?