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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Say What???

The name of the site is Stats on the Back because of how much time I spent of my youth reading the backs of cards. I am pretty sure that my love of math came from all the statistics. That being said, I haven't really mentioned the backs of cards here on the site.

That all changes today. I present you with 1973 Topps Steve Arlin.
Why does this Padres uni look so bad here but when Jake Peavy wears it on Turn Back the Clock Day it is awesome?

Steve looks like a nice guy, who has spent two straight full seasons with the big club but might be unsure of what to really do with his life. A flip of the card tells you that his father announced the first broadcasted game in 1921. The picture at the top tells us even more: Is Steve kidding me? My first question is: Who does volunteer dentistry work (other than Steve of course)? My second and more important question is: Who lets volunteers do dentistry work on them?
A quick internet search tells me that Arlin did become a dentist after his career ended in 1974. I also found that he holds College World Series single-game records for striking out 20 batters in 15 innings. He led his team to 2 CWS, including a national championship for the Buckeyes in 1967.


hartmanj said...

I hate going to the dentist. I am for sure not letting a volunteer work on my teeth. :)

AlbuqwirkE said...

Both my dentist and eye doctor provide "volunteer" services for homeless people....

mmosley said...

yea, but are they also full-time professional baseball players?

Bay Rat North West said...

Ohio State has a baseball team?
You learn something new all the time.

MMayes said...

Didn't he play an elf in some claymation holiday where he told Preston Gomez, "I don't want to pitch for the Padres and lose 20 games every year. I want to be a - - - a dentist!"

Unknown said...

It's nice to finally see some stats on this blog.

Deion and Bo have got nothing on Steve Arlin.

I'm sure yanking other people's teeth out helped ease the pain of those 40 losses he piled up in 2 years of starting for the Padres.