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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1985 Donruss Tribute: Dale Murphy's Neck

What if someone chopped off the top part of a tree, leaving the trunk, which they then painted a nice fleshy pink.

And then... (bare with me here. I am a pacifist and while I do have anger in me for the Braves, I would not do such a thing) someone also chops off Dale Murphy's head and sticks it on the aforementioned tree trunk.

Well, you would get this:
Look at that neck. Dale is smiling but his neck is not. It is saying, "I will destroy you." Obviously I translated that from the original tree trunk neck language.

Murphy was known as one of the nice guys in the league but I think he was over compensating for the ferocity of his neck.

Dale Murphy hit the first Major League home run I ever saw live. That was not enough to sway my fanship in the early 80's. The Braves sure were bad back then!

He had 7 undeniably awesome seasons, winning back-to-back MVP's in '82 and '83. He was a workhorse until injuries "Mattinglyed" him late in his career. His 30/30 season in 1983 was only the 7th in baseball history. Wow.

Murph is an almost HOFer. But if Jim Rice and Andre Dawson get in, then so should Murphy.


dayf said...

Now that's a MAN'S neck!

Not like that skinny little pencil looking thing on David Wright.

And don't worry, once people realize how good his numbers were in the dead ball/non steroid era of the 80-s really were, the Veteran's committee will let Murph in.

Dinged Corners said...

David Wright's neck is subtle. Not showy. His neck does not brag.

mmosley said...

Hey, David Wright's neck sounds a lot like LOVE!

Steve Gierman said...

I've been running into a lot of Dale Murphy cards lately. Most of them have that same neck and that same smile.

Anonymous said...

Is he trying to reach a oreo

Anonymous said...

All 3 should be in. First-ballot even. Yeah, that's right. I'm building a time machine and traveling back in time to the first years Murph, Rice and Dawson were on the ballot and I'm gonna make sure they get in just like they deserve.

And I'm gonna sneak Cobra in there too.

dayf said...

Thewritersjourney for President!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your support, dayf, but I can't imagine doing any one thing for 4-8 years. That would be too boring. I have to have some variety in life.

Thus, I am nominating Robert Englund to take my place as candidate.

Thank you for your support. I approved this message.