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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A&G Frivolity

Despite the general theme of this blog, I do buy new cards from time to time. I usually pick up cards from Target, although I did see my first pack searcher there last week. I wanted to say something that would shame him on the spot but I didn't. He didn't look tough or anything, I just assumed he had long since made peace with his own villainy.

My brother, the non-contributing contributor to this blog offered a proposition. Lets split a box of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter and sell anything we don't want. I was up for it but warned that we probably wouldn't make any of our money back. But that isn't really the point, is it? He secured the box from an ebay seller for $86 including shipping.

We met on Monday to divvy the packs and rip away. Here a few highlights and lowlights of out box.

We were hoping for a nice N43 card but we got this lousy history cabinet card.
Not a great start but I was still excited. The first card out of a pack was this Catastrophe on Cardboard (I haven't done one of those post since the early days). I can't decide who was more disappointed: My brother for pulling this card, Dan for losing so many races where he was the favorite, or Dan's mother for seeing her son in that outfit.That would be the end of any and all disappointment. We had a blast opening each pack and sharing our hits and misses. Compare these two cards:
Aramis got the classic, no action shot because our "old" cameras can't do that while Russ got the most awesome looking card ever. Every action shot on these A&G cards is BASEBALL CARDTASTIC! How about making '88 Score proud by having all action shots next year?

My favorite card in my half of the box was this Christy Mathewson mini. It looks great and will go well with my T-206 Mathewson I bought when I was a kid. The Minty Beans card is pretty sweet too. I am not going to try and figure out the code but I am definitely a Team Orange fan.

My brother pulled a Johnny Damon bat early in the break. I later 1-uped him when I pulled a Pudge bat relic. Then he "brought the box down" by pulling this extra cool Serena Williams autograph:

This one is going on e-bay! How cool would it be to recoup some cash for some UD masterpieces later in the year. Serena made my late pull of a Brian Roberts bat seem silly. My brother and I had a great time opening this box. I only got half the cards but it was half the price and I got some QT with my bro.

Apologies to Cueto, Kershaw, Wright, Picasso, and that Rubik's cube champ. Your cards were nice too!

Next Up: Mets Update, current season and the long awaited want list!

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Dinged Corners said...

Wow! This was our favorite vicarious 2008 A&G box break! Plus, the He Ain't Heavy element lifts it to greatness.