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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1985 Donruss Tribute: Floyd Bannister x2

Floyd Bannister was better than Tom Seaver ...

... in 1982 ans 1983! They both played for the Chicago White Sox in 1984. Here's a look at the backs of their respective 1985 Donruss cards:

You might notice that they are both 6'1'', probably a common height for major league pitchers. Floyd is left-handed while Tom is arguably the best right-handed pitcher of the modern era. (There is this other guy named Clemens who could fit that description if only he didn't fit some other not-so-nice descriptions.) Floyd's highlights include leading the White Sox in K's while Tom's highlights include 3 CY Young Awards, a Rookie of the Year Award, and 8 All-Star selections. So obviously it was hard to tell the two apart:

That number 24, emblazoned on Bannister's pant legs wasn't enough to sway Donruss photographers away from thinking they had indeed caught a glimpse of the elusive Tom Seaver.

In his senior season of high school, Bannister went 15-0, allowing 0 earned runs in 112 innings. WOW. His three sons all play baseball, including Brian, who struggling with the KC Royals.

Seaver has 300 wins, 3000 K's, and later this year, a bottle of wine from his own vineyards, a cabernet named Seaver!

Next up: A little A & G frivolity!

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