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Thursday, August 14, 2008

1985 Donruss Tribute: Best Smile and Most Ignorant

Patricia and Lucy have made me notice the guys on cards who actually look like they enjoy playing the game we all wish we were good enough to play. Here is the smile of the the 1985 Donruss set:

John Montefusco had plenty of reasons to smile:

1. Cool nickname: The Count (as in Count of Montefusco)

2. ROY in 1975. His 15 wins beat out a young Gary Carter. (John was 4th in CY Young voting. Seaver won 22 that year.)

3. 2 scoreless innings in his only All-Star appearance in 1976.

4. No-Hitter vs. the Braves in 1976. (Did you know the Mets have never had a pitcher to throw a no-hitter?)

5. Back in the Bigs after a neck injury from a car crash.

Now for the biggest frowner and most ignorant of 1985 Donruss: Bob Knepper!

He looks a like Bunson's lab partner, Beaker!
Bob Knepper is an angry woman-hater. Check out these choice words from Knepper:

"I just don’t think a woman should be an umpire. There are certain things a
woman shouldn’t be and an umpire is one of them. It’s a physical thing. God
created women to be feminine. I don’t think they should be competing with men.
It has nothing to do with her ability. I don’t think women should be in any
position of leadership. I don’t think they should be presidents or politicians.
I think women were created not in an inferior position, but in a role of
submission to men. You can be a woman umpire if you want, but that doesn’t mean
it’s right. You can be a homosexual if you want, but that doesn’t mean that’s
right either."

Bob is not an enlightened guy. He pitched great the year he made these remarks. He made the All-Star team. That's too bad. Maybe he was frowning because nobody likes him.

Montefusco will be honored here with the display of his Stats on the Back.

Knepper will not be so honored. Boo Bob Knepper. Hooray Montefusco!!!

Apologies to Beaker for being compared to Knepper.

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Dinged Corners said...

Beaker! We always thought Beaker looks more worried than anything. Whoa, that Knepper guy even looks angry in mid-pitch.