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Saturday, August 16, 2008

1985 Donruss Tribute: Bevacqua II

What is Kurt Bevacqua doing in this 1985 Donruss card? I have a few ideas!
1. Proclaiming himself to be #1. He did win the 1975 Bazooka bubble blowing contest!
2. The photographer has just asked, "Which one of you guys is Kurt Bevacqua?"
3. Finishing up his "white glove" inspection of the cleanliness of his bat. (That bat boy is in a heap of trouble.)
Whatever the reason, Kurt has managed to grace Stats-on-the-Back twice. Here is a list of 2-timers on the site (like you care):
1. Christy Mathewson (original HOFer)
2. Floyd Bannister (He cheated by appearing on Tom Seaver's card)
3. Tito Fuentes (I got my first Tito disc in the mail. I will share it later)
4. David Wright
5. Darryl Strawberry
7. Kenny Lofton
8. Mark Davis (not a HOFer)
9. Mike Piazza (future HOFer. I hope he goes in as a Met)
10. Pete Rose (HOFer???)
11. Hank Aaron (The extra A in his name is for AWESOME)
12. Gary Carter (HOF fro)

It's a little Mets-centric but that's the way I like it. One game up on the Phillies!

Next up: Rafael keeps the kids safe?


MMayes said...

There is a 4th possibility to what Bevacqua is doing with that finger, but to point it out would lead to the eternal shame of Garry Templeton and Luis Salazar that they fell for the "Yes, I'm Dr. OneGlove and it's time for your prostate exam" spring training joke.

Unknown said...

There is a 5th possibility. He could have just finished coloring his mustache and been telling the photographer to wait one minute so he could take his rubber glove off.

Dinged Corners said...

If it FITS
you must ACQUIT

btw, Mike Piazza has to go into the HOF as a Met! Must I say!