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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lazy Airbrushing

Ken Berry was a member of the Chicago White Sox in 1970. He was traded after the season to the California Angels. (Can you remember a simpler time when they were not the Anaheim Angels and definitely not the LA Angels of Anaheim. Ugh!) Topps is well known for airbrushing hats and jerseys even back in the 70's. They just didn't try very hard on Berry's 1971 Topps card. Instead of adding a mis-sized Angels logo or even just some blue paint, they went with the black pen approach. Ken also has a GIANT hoop earring in his right ear. The back of his card says he was an excellent fielder. He won 2 Gold Gloves, including 1 in 1970 for the Sox.
A quick internet search reveals there was also a hockey playing Ken Berry and an acting & dancing Ken Berry. The acting Berry starred as Vinton Harper on Mama's Family. He also appeared in Mayberry, RFD and Herbie Rides Again. The hockey playing Berry scored 8 career goals and tallied 10 assists in the NHL.

After rating each Ken Berry's career, I have ordered them according to their career success:
1. Ken Berry
2. Ken Berry
3. Ken Berry

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jv said...

What's sad is that when I saw the name on the card, I immediately thought about the actor you mentioned... I shouldn't have that knowledge in my head. There should be more important things in it's place...

Maybe it's a southern thing. Being from Mississippi, I grew up watching Mama's Family and all the Andy Griffith stuff (including the spinoff Mayberry, RFD.)

Or as my son would call it, the Handy Grivets Show. He also calls Opie Tayler, Okeday.

capewood said...

It looks like the logo was ripped from his cap leaving a whole for his hair to stick through.

Steve Gierman said...

I also thought of the actor first, when I obtained by first Ken Berry White Sox card. I did not notice this airbrush disaster before.