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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tito Fuentes (1973)

In 1973, Tito Fuentes cards begin to get EPIC. '73 is famous for it's fake poses and super-wide angle action shots that feature 3 to 5 players, anyone of whom could be the player whose name appears on the card. Here is the front of card #236:

That's Tito, number 23, with his knee in in that poor guy's chest. He stole a career-high 16 bases in 1972. With this kind of intimidation, he probably could have stolen a lot more.


Here's the new stuff we learned about Tito Fuentes:
1. Fans holler "Go-Go" when Tito reaches base. (I didn't think anybody hollered in San Francisco. I thought it was just a southern thing.)
2. Another solid season for the 2nd baseman: .264 avg, 7 HR, 53 rbi
3. The full name is back after a 2 year hiatus, Rigoberto (Peat) Fuentes!

1974 is not too far away and it's a killer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
just wanted to say thank you for the package of cards, that was very thoughful of you..... i wrote about it on my blog check it out if you have the time.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Great '73! You're right, rolling like that he'd have stolen a TON of bases.

Unknown said...

I hate to even call into question the greatness of titofuentes. But...might he have been called out on this play? The two fielders in the shot whose lungs are not collapsed appear to be running toward the dugout. I have to admit the outcome is unclear and I may be completely out of line. If I am, I hope titofuentes finds it in his heart to forgive me.

Dean Family said...

Here come the headbands!