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Friday, March 21, 2008

Catastrophe on Cardboard: Jeff Reardon

Here's another edition of Catastrophe on Cardboard, Jeff Reardon style.

1. From looking at Reardon's uniform, you can tell he played for the Newtreal Mexpos in 1981. Donruss just painted his hat a flat blue to cover up the Mets logo.

2. Reardon later went with the full beard since the hair was obviously taking over his face. Awful photo. Jeff looks angry. I think he might be growling! The card scanned with a red tint because he smells blood. (It's Atlanta Braves blood.)

3. The 1982 design featured a Wiffle Ball Bat with a ball (sans classic wiffle ball holes). The team name font is extra nice. No team logo would appear on Donruss cards until 1985. Now that I think about it, team logos rarely show up on cards anymore. Donruss liked the design so much, they repeated it in 1983, exchanging the ball with a glove with a more awesome font.

4. Reardon pitched for the Mets in 1981, then was traded to the Expos, along with Dan Norman, for Ellis Valentine. Lets examine that trade, as it will make this an even worse card, me being a Mets fan. I will use Bill James' Win Shares to see who got the better end of the deal.

Mets give: Dan Norman - 1 Win Share in 1982 for the Expos. It would be his last year in the bigs. Jeff Reardon from half of 1981 to 1986 would earn 7, 18 , 10 , 12 , 13, and 11 Win Shares for a total of 71. That is 72 win shares wich means that Dan and Jeff contributed around 72/3 or 24 Wins to the Expos. They then dealt Reardon to Minnesota for Neal Heaton and others.

Mets get: Ellis Valentine - Earned 1 Win Share in half of 1981 and 7 in 1982. 8/3 equals about 3 Wins for the Mets. Valentine was then released by the Mets.

The Mets lost this trade by a at least 21 Wins. Read James' Win Shares book if you love statistics or look here for a quick explanation.

Bad card, Worse trade. GO METS!

Catastrophe Bonus: 1971 Topps John Cumberland.

He played for the Yankees and Giants in 1970. His hat is blank, just like Reardon's, but it is also mashed in on the side. He seems angry too!

Topps smacked a way-too-big Giants logo on his hat on the back. Cumberland batted .099 and slugged .099 for his career which means all 9 of his hits were singles. He did manage to touch home plate once.

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Unknown said...

Great cards. I wonder what other "blank hat" gems are out there waiting to be discovered. I know I'll be on the lookout starting NOW.