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Friday, July 4, 2008

My 2 Cents

Its nice to admit that we are all pretty geeky when it comes to this baseball card thing. Pictures of grown men with lots and lots of Stats on the Back have pushed us to spend our money and take up our time sorting and resorting. (and even more resorting if we are talking about me.)
Since January, a growing number of us have found and taken up shop in this little corner of the interweb. A Pack a Day was the site that brought me here. I have opened a few packs on my site but then settled into MY style of commenting on this hobby. I check my RSS feeds (I have no idea what that means but they work) on a daily basis, ocassionally commenting, and soaking up the fun of collecting baseball cards.

My little page here tends to highlight cards that I like for whatever reason and the players on them. I'd like to think that I am, on occasion, mildly amusing and somewhat informative. (I love those meaningless under-zealous adjectives. They keep the expectations low.) I haven't had too much reason to complain about the current state of the hobby but I am happy some people do (assuming the card companies actually listen to them at some point.)

Whatever your reason for blogging, keep doing it. Here is my list of best reasons to blog about baseball cards:

Sheer Bliss
See Dinged Corners for all that is good and even a little holy about collecting. They do it the right way. The whole family takes part. They do have rules though!

Insanely Interesting Information
See Cardboard Junkie for the best information, especially on the old, old stuff and my least favorite Met killer, Larry Jones.

The Thrill of 80's Wax
See Awesomely Bad Wax for the packs most of us endlessly opened, searching for Gregg Jeffries, Sam Horn, and Wally Joyner. He also shows off his ever growing Relic/Auto collection.

Obsession for Your Team
See White Sox Cards for detailed coverage of every Sox game and every Fisk and Baines card. See Cincy Reds Cards for the loudest display of all that is Red. And see Indians Cards Always for Tribemania, including Indians by the numbers and rubber duckies?

The Joy of a Trade
See Baseballcardman for remembering how fun it is to trade, even if the cards are of 1980's Royals. (Hey, they did win a World Series!)

To Rule the Blogging World
See Wax Heaven for unmatched volume and insight into the pulse of everything baseball cardy. (cardy IS a word, just don't look it up) His recent retirement was positively Favre!

There are plenty more reasons to blog and certainly more that I read everyday. See the list to the right to know what I am reading.

To end this post right with some actual cards!

An homage to A Pack A Day, Stats on the Back style:
A pack of 1992 Upper Deck. a mere 3 years from their epic first release of 1989. Might I pull a Ted Williams Auto? Or maybe just a Ted Williams Insert?

Nope!!! But I did get this Spike Owen:In 1991, Spike hit a mundane .255 with 3 home runs. But he probably made up for it with his speed, right? No, only 2 stolen bases. Spike was, in fact, a ringer, signed by the Expos for the annual, July 4th, MLB BARBECUE and WHEEL BARROW RACE event. The Upper Deck photographers impressively caught Owen practicing his technique. As you can see, he has just "barrowed" over some of his competition.

Next Up: 1985 Donruss: Dale Murphy's Neck


dayf said...

According to Google, there are about 1,270,000 results for the search 'cardy'. And that's not even counting all the pages about the immortal Rico Cardy.

mmosley said...

Like I said, Dayf brings the Info!

Wax Heaven said...

Thanks for the shout out and keep up the great work. I don't understand the whole RSS thing but you are one of my subscriptions!