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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Actual Stats on the Back: 1986 Fleer

1986 Fleer #591 Otis Nixon

These comments are meant to be yelled, for no apparent reason.

1. New Shipment of HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW!!!!!!!

2. Where did the TINY picture go??????

3. Why do I feel like I'm looking at a SOCCER JERSEY????

4. Otis Nixon was an original CALIFORNIA RAISIN!!!!!!!

5. PCT AGAIN????????

6. There are obviously ONLY 12 STATS that exist in the world!!!!

7. DID I KNOW??????
    Otis Nixon was NOT a HR hitter? Yep
    Otis Nixon was a base THIEF? Yep

8. DID YOU KNOW?????
    Otis Nixon enjoyed the CRACK?
    Otis Nixon also enjoyed the LADY GOSPEL/R&B SINGERS?


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